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Full Version: washing machine
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Hey guys
I know this is a rather unusual entry, but I'd still love you to help me out here.
This is for a contest by the german brand AEG. They want us to create an ad for any one of their products for their 125th jubilee and I chose a washing machine.
Any ideas how I could push this any further or make it read better? I'm thinking about adding wooden clothespins instead of those white ones.
On top it says "125 years of cleanliness" and at the buttom is their official logo.
I'd love to see what you've got to say! Thanks in advance =)

[Image: aeg_by_zaerteltier-d5a9l9y.jpg]
Hey there! Congrats on being selected to create an ad for AEG's 125th jubilee! That's pretty cool!