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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Moar commies!

This time is Leona chan.


drawing this stuff is damn amusing. xD
Dude this stuff is hilarious, I can't wait to see what you come up with for the british forces(make sure she's always holding tea XD)
Hey man, it's been some time since I've seen your stuff! The comic is coming along nicely.

I'm really enjoying the style you're playing with, it's really great. These last few things are really strong. Also, the knights and cavaliers were really cool, do you plan on putting any more work into those? Because they're pretty tasty.

The character bios for your comic were interesting. I never thought of them being 22/26 years old, as I'd expect them to be in high school based on their appearance. Some of the paintings you have of them capture that age, which is great, otherwise the drawings look like their somewhere between 16-18.

Overall, I don't think it's too big of an issue. The stuff is looking great regardless! :]
Triggerpigking: haha i'm glad you like it mate. xD For the british, in this absurd timeline, the isles get succesfully invaded by germans, italians and spaniards so the british gov and armed forces flee to america.
So i though about making a moe version of Montgomery or Churchill haha i'm open to new ideas though!

Archreux: hey there! :) glad you like those concepts! actually, the cavalier and stuff were some initial ideas i sketched this summer for a possible fantasy game project, but in the end i went for this WWII with moe girls stuff haha. About the comic, yes they are more like young adults still trapped in their teenager stage, so the story would be a coming of age story that it gets a bit dark and cynical at times. They definitely look younger, i guess when i come back to the comic i will have to revise the style.
And thanks!

The madness wont stop... its too late now... Merry Christmas!

Fellow spaniards will recognize this douchebag haha i honestly prefer my version.

Dude! Yes!

Haha this set of characters are great! Hope to see more of them you can really see that you're enjoying making them :)!
Nice! This are a lot of fun. Good work.
smrr: Hi! :D indeed, these are waay too much fun haha. Redesigning these old geezers as cute anime girls is amusing. xD And more to come, indeed i'm just getting started.

pindurski: glad you like them! :)

Happy new year everyone, i hope you all will have a productive and successful 2015.

My new year resolution is to learn 3d once and for all, so i just started with Blender, you dont know how much time this aberration took me...


But it will be a lot of fun once i figure out how build something that doesnt look like a lovecraftian horror.

And another girl plus her mech. The idea for this project is, the characters should look all cute, but the mechs on the contrary should look badass. Much like xenogears did in the psx, actually.



Her Mech




Also for this project, some games let you kill hitler in some silly dlc or optional mission.
In this one, you beat the crap out of him aboard your badass giant robot in the first tutorial stage.


Hopefully next time i will be able to show more 3d stuff.
First conceptual screen of the project :D Thats how non battle segments should look, i mean painted backgrounds and low poly anime/cell shading character models.
The old school psx era interface is a must too! i will need to install illustrator and start working on that too.
What do you guys think about this painted background/3d character models aesthetic?
Sup daggers! I hope you are all busy, the new year started in a really stressful way, but i'm okay with that, i just need to keep working without losing momentum.
My plans for this year is to learn as much modeling/graphic design/texturing/etc as possible, so making a videogame is the best way to pull everything together.
Right now this looks like an almost impossible task to complete for me alone, but thats the point, isnt it? xD

Here are some character portraits and a new mech design.


And the conceptual screens, after thinking about it for days, i realized that i should be doing the game i always wanted to play. I love mech animes like gundam or eureka seven, i also love tactical rpgs like vandal hearts, fire emblem or disgaea. So, why not put everything together?
In japan you have the super robot wars series but that franchise will never come to the west, so i think this project could offer at least an alternative to the usual medieval fantasy found in most Tactical rpgs.

First i though about using squares but i will probably go for hexagons.


This one is a in battle conversation, using hexagons this time.


And a character status menu, i suck at making interfaces haha those are some random icons from the internet i will make my own custom icons and everything else when the time comes.


As always, your opinion/criticism is very welcome. :)
Hello beautiful people! :)
I hope you all are good and kicking ass!
For me, it is funny. Back in december i started to get into videogame development because i couldnt find any illustration related jobs, the moment i start to get busy with that i got two big gigs.
So i'm still busy with those commissions but i still make time to keep working on the game, here some stuff
i've done lately.

First some concepts that i probably wont use.



Some excercises in Blender, 3d is hard! but very rewarding, i cant wait to have everything designed and ready to go 3d.



Finally after two months of trying different ideas and concepts, from mechs powered by human souls in eternal suffering to lolis killing hitler, the concept, story and main mechanics of Aegis are decided, and these are one of the first designs of the stuff that will be in the game.

Congrats on the new jobs, man! That game looks like something I'd definitely want to play. I like how you're taking initiative to start the projects you want to be working on. I've heard great advice inline with what you're doing. No ones going to hire you to work on your dream project. They hire you to work on their dream project. Its up to you to make your dream happen. Keep up the personal projects!
Adam Lina: thanks dude! yes thats so true!, i wanted to do it to get real experience in the field, instead of waiting to get hired by some studio without knowing anything. And of course, there is the inmense satisfaction of being working on something you love. I've spent these past two months thinking not about a cool idea, but an idea that i could realistically take to reality haha. So now i have a ton of materials and concepts that i wont be using, but i still learned quite a bit doing them so. xD
Thanks a again for stopping by! :D

Today i did another study/homage of one of my fav artists, Yoshitoshi Abe and a character study for Aegis at the same time!.
No reference used so let me know if you spot some hilarious/embarrasing mistakes.

Hey nice work man, just looked up Yoshitoshi Abe, his work is awesome I recognized it from texhnolyze but i'd never bothered to look his stuff up till now.

Anyway the girl looks pretty good I think, reminds me a bit of that rainfall picture you did a while back.
I think the head and upper torso looks great anatomically, head looks a bit too big though even for anime standards, the hips seem fine to me, I think there might be something a bit off there but I can't figure out what it is.
I think the biggest problem would be that left arm, it looks way too skinny and I don't think it looks like it connects to the shoulder and pectoralis right.
Hope this helps :)
Yep that rainfall one and this one are both based on the same heart breaking illustration by Yoshitoshi abe, the one that shows Ran... head.
You know what i'm talking about. xD
Thanks for the feedback dude! you were spot on, actually i made some adjustments, i think it looks better now. Thats the issue when working without reference, what its in your head may differ drastically with reality even if it makes sense "inside your head" like the things you mentioned that are really basic mistakes but i wont see them until some time passes or someone point them out. xD

I think i recommended it to you back then, when we talked about texhnolyze, but Haibane Renmei and Serial experiments Lain are specially awesome, and Yoshitoshi Abe worked on all of them.
Serial experiments Lain has a lot in common with Texhnolyze but at the same time its pretty different, while haibane renmei its based on a short manga by Yoshitoshi Abe himself, and its a pretty darn good drama/slice of life anime. (Do not let the cute angel like girls doing cute things deceive you, the story is dark as fuck)

The plan is this, i will model the base bodies like in these concepts, then i will only have to model the heads to make different characters. Still, main characters will have their own unique costumes.

I will still have to model other bases, for children/elderly people, etc. But i will try to make it so those characters only show up in 2d form haha.


Sup guys, i'm now back working on both pixel art and 3d, and i suck at both so i wont probably have anything worthy to upload in a while.
But for now here it is the last batch of female outfits. I was going to upload the male ones too, but then i realized they are too similar, and a lot of them are unisex too.


Oh and a tiny character sprite!



Gif version:

Also anyone knows how to post gifs? or maybe they arent supported by the forums or something like that?
Anyway, keep kicking ass daggers! i will try to present the first screenshot of a 3d map for the game with
some character sprites and a basic interface in the next update.
Ohohoho ~ so many character designs!

Yeah you can post gifs by typing [img]whatevergifimage.gif[/img] and it should work :)

Keep up the hard work Eddy!
Quote:Ohohoho ~ so many character designs!

Yeah you can post gifs by typing [img]whatevergifimage.gif[/img] and it should work :)

Keep up the hard work Eddy!

Yes! it worked i maybe i was doing something wrong earlier haha thanks a lot smrr!

[Image: KNJkVH9.gif]
Nice man, lot's of designs! I really like the heavy soldier design especially. Always really like that kinda stuff, reminds me a little bit of some kilzone/futuristic warfare stuff.
Good improvement on that painting man :), and yeah I need to check out serial experiment, might do so soon actually as i'm not watching anything, i'll tell ya what I think.

And dude i'm lovin all these designs you are doing, you're managing to keep them simple while still being appealing.

Keep it up dude.
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