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@Jonesoda: thanks dude! hah that outfit was inspired by the gear real life artificiers wear when going into deactivating mines and stuff, and modified it a bit to make it look more like a knight armor or something.

@Triggerpigking: Thanks man! yeah go for it, i liked Haibane renmei even more, but they are totally different kind of stories, but i think you would enjoy both. :)

Here is my first attempt at making a realistic terrain map in blender, last time i did a cartoony low poly one following a tutorial, this one is all satellite textures from New Mexico i think haha.


And a new gif, behold my terrific graphic design skills, i really, really need to learn how to make proper interface graphics. But one thing at a time.

[Image: d9rRgVC.gif]
Aaaaaaaaaaah~ kind of has that Ragnarok Online feel :')
keep at it Eddy!!
@smrr: thanks a lot! :D Ragnarok online sprites are beautiful, too bad pixel art is so time consuming, i would love to make the whole game in 2d, but i need to keep my goals realistic. xD

Just a few costume sheets left, i'm posting now the last sheet before enemies/other npcs and the first character.


And now is when all those bases become really useful, i only need to add a head and i have a character.
Its really the same process i will follow with the 3d models. Perks of low poly anime graphics. xD
Yeah she is the girl from my (currently on hold) comic.


And some fanarts to relaxx a bit, done in manga studio.



Now back to 3d and comissions!
Sup guys! :)
Not much to show this update, been busy finishing up some commissions so i can start with Unity this coming march. I'm also working on the script, characters and worldbuilding of the game.
And rewatching/reading inspiring stuff.

I redesigned a bit the main battle outfit of the game. You command a suppression squad working for a totalitarian regime, so i though it needed to look more menacing.
No epic warfare here, by necessity really. I'm just one person after all, so i dont want to bite more than what i can chew.
Instead, you will have to infiltrate your team into an enemy hideout and hunt the enemy, one by one, in a coordinate assault so they cant run away. Things would get more complicated if you fight in a populated urban area, with the enemy hiding among the civilians.


And here i'm trying two different styles for the game.

A painterly "realistic (not really)" and the usual anime, just not moe.


Nice update man, the new battle outfits look cool and I think they'll add a nice contrast to the relatively simple character designs.

As for the two different styles, their both good, i'm leanin a bit more towards the first one though personally.
Triggerpigking: Thanks dude! i actually like the painterly realistic style more, but thinking about time/resources anime is faster to do, so i decided to go with anime now. Though i first need to get good at that style haha.
Speaking of that, here are some anime practice from the past few days.

I'm pretty pleased with the shading, but the lineart and the faces still kind of suck, but i wont give up!

Now i'm going back to 3d, so expect more updates about that both here and in the 3d thread.
Cheers daggers!
Feels like I'm watching a real anime! Very cool vibe you have going on with those last pieces. I almost thought they were just screenshots of something you were watching haha
Pnate: thanks mate! :D man i love doing these fake screenshots, will definitely do some more in the coming weeks.

Whoa i havent updated this in a long time. Mostly because i'm 100% focused on learning 3d and game development. And i've learned a lot in this time.

First i will post a Benjamin Zhang study i did back then to test some brushes in Clip studio paint and a couple concepts for AMAROK. One of them was my entry for: but i liked it a lot, so i ended up using in for the game.




And now this is what i've been doing most of the time, 3d.
I swear, 3d is like being suddenly teleported into the pilot cabin of a plane with someone telling you to pilot it. There are like hundreds of buttons and devices and you dont know what the hell you are doing. xD

Following a tutorial on youtube:


Then applying using my own concept:



And again:


Tokyo Ghoul x Animal Crossing Crossover haha


Also, here is a Gif!

[Image: ghoul_crossing_new_limb_gif_by_eduardogaray-d8r9raz.gif]

Will try to keep this updated more often, Keep rocking daggers! Dont let those personal projects you want to do for tomorrow, start with them nao! :)
Man so much good stuff!
First: You're making an SRPG!?!!! How cool is that? I love those!!!
Nice designs man! The futuristic soldier outfit is very cool!
The anime portraits have some great post-production (I guess?), they look like screnncaps from GITS movies! (but I do see some proportion issues with the 3rd one; mabe elevating the nose/lips a bit? )
And YES BENJAMIN! He gets so litle love from the comunity it's a crime! Dude kills it!

Also "NEW LIMB" is fucking genius !!!
TonariNoPunpun: Thanks mate! :) Actually, i still dont know if it will be possible to make a SRPG, because i'm not a programmer... and strategy/tactical games of any kind are pretty complex in that regard. So right now, i'm just focused on learning about making the visuals. The entire process from concept to modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, etc.
About the fake anime screenshots, yeah its literally two effect layers what give the pictures that old anime feel. May post a mini tutorial about that some day if someone is interested. And funny that you mention the GITS movies, my inspiration was Jin Roh, done by the same studio and by the same director. :) Yeah you are right about those mistakes in the third one, curiously, working on 3d is making me more aware of those proportion issues)
And of course Benjamin! that guy is a Magician, i saw a couple videos of him painting live on the comic festival of Angouleme in france, and it was like looking at a magic trick, really awesome.

I will post now my current game character project. Originally made for Crimson revolver 11 here on the daggers, but sadly i ran out of time before finishing the model ( and its still not finished)

So i will post the entire process from concept to integration in the unity game engine, like i did with the Animal crossing/Tokyo Ghoul one. All done in Blender.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=67395]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=67396]

Finished! model fully rigged, animated and integrated in unity.
I tried making a gif to show it in movement but the computer crashed lol.
I will have to wait a bit until i get a better gpu so i guess i will go back to some good old painting in the mean time. :D

Ah dammit there's so much updates in your sketchbook I missed when I wasn't really active here! Why is every one so productive?! It's really inspiring to see you working on your projects so diligently, all those designs! I really dig the "screenshots" you made, I think you really nailed down the colours (how did you do that?). The first is my absolute fav, it has a lot of atmosphere.

And aww, I would have liked to see the character moving around, but I feel you when it comes to pcs that are not that capable. My laptop can't handle skull sketcher for more than 15minutes, after it, it shuts down. You are not alone.
Looking forward to seeing your "good old paintings" in the mean time! Keep it up x)
Cyprinus: Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment Cyprinus! :) Hah i still like to slack way too much.
About the fake anime screenshots, i just copied the color palette used in old films from the 90's like Jin Roh, Blood and GITS. And added a few super blurred layers with low opacity with various effects like screen and color dodge, etc.
In the end i could upgrade my rig much sooner than i though so i'm back with zbrush and the unreal engine haha And sorry for the super late reply. :S These days i'm 100% focused on 3d work and dont have much material to update the sketchbook.

Still not much to show, BUT i finally upgraded my pc to work with more demanding programs like zbrush or UE4 so for the moment i will leave here a sample of whats to come in the coming months. :)

Model done in zbrush, post processing effects in photoshop.
After tinkering a bit with the Unreal engine, maybe i will be able to make a tactical rpg after all.

Slow down man! I cant keep up with all this arting! Thats awesome if you figure out a way to make TRPGs. I want to make a TRPG too but coding is so involved and I still need to learn to paint. I've been playing this tactical game called Enemy you should check out. Its like a tactical turned based version of Mine Craft. The environment is completely destructible with lots of explosions and permanent deaths so if your group dies, game over XD
Adam Lina: Gotta go fast! xD Exactly, thats the main reason why i'm not sure if i will be able to make a trpg. Maybe, if it was game more reliant on pre defined scenarios like fire emblem or disgaea and not so much on AI... then maybe. I looked on steam for that game, sounds interesting but i already have an inmense backlog haha now the little free time i have is for the witcher 3. But i will keep an eye on it, maybe someday.

Here is my second sculpt on zbrush, i'm starting to understand a bit more how polypaint and materials work.
I had a lot of fun with one, cant get enough fire emblem.

She is Sully the hot blooded tomboyish female knight that curses a lot. <3

Started with a sphere.


Final render

Duuude, so much cool stuff in here! I'm so glad to see you working hard! I'm loving what I'm seeing!
Came here to say keep it up man , you're hard work is inspiring!
Great updates dude, you're killin it with this 3d stuff. only thing I can crit is the forehead on the last 3d models connection to the head is weird, though considering my limited time with 3d i'm sure trying to paint legit lookin hair that sticks to the form is a complete bitch to do XD. Keep up the awesome work.
wla91: thanks a lot mate! :) i'm glad you like this stuff, really appreciated.

Mariyan-Hristov: Thanks Buddy!

KurtJeremy: Thanks man! i gotta say, this whole place is inspiring, there i just need to surf a bit through the daggers to get all fired up again, so lets keep rocking! :)

Triggerpigking: Indeed, modeling hair is so hard i still dont really know how to approach it, at least in zbrush. In another program it would be a different story, maybe after i finish the body and retopo the mesh will try doing the hair in blender. Thats partly the reason why the poor girl in this update is still bald. xd

So, for quite a few days i've been trying to model a whole human body.
The inspiration here is the aesthetic you can find in korean games like Vindictus, Aion, Black Desert, Tera, etc.
Feel free to crit the hell out of it, btw!

First, a few photobash concepts of the character.


And the WIP of the 3d model, i'm still learning how to sculp so making the model resemble the concept is pretty difficult, but i will keep at it, one step at a time.
Will take some high res pictures once i have more detail on the model.

Almost there! :D progress is being made, slowly... slowly... Now she needs rigging, posing and... clothing?

Two candidates right now for my game, an rpg version of my comic "Rainfall" is one of them.
The other would be a tactical rpg (much like fire emblem) called Amarok, based on the concepts and ideas i've been posting in the last months. Who knows, its still to early to decide.

Still a work in progress, so crits welcome!

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