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Hey everyone!
This is where the initial team of 5 mentees worked long and hard, as did all the others who joined along the way.

I've decided to turn this into an ongoing workshop, i'll continue to post assignments here and drop by as often as i humanly can. It has always been open to everyone and now my attention goes to everyone instead of a team of 5.
Again, i will not be here every day, but i hope you will learn good things while doing these.

As always, you can find me on my stream
or just lurking around the forums.

Good luck my brave soldiers!
Aaand here are the first assignments!
Deadline - Tuesday October 9th - 18:00 GMT
Feel free to post your own sketches here!

The next class livestream "B is for basics" is TUESDAY OCT.9 19:00 GMT

[Image: assignment1a_small.jpg]
[Image: assignment1b_small.jpg]

and here's my silly lasso play from tonight's demo:
[Image: lassoplay.jpg]


Great assignment!

I started with the native americans because I drew them the less untill know.

3 guys and 3 girls + comments:
Hello everyone, Chris Dee here.

I have a short but important announcement to make, so please read it :)

I just got informed that in roughly two months, I won't be able, or rarely be, to attend some of the classes (notably the tuesday ones) This would be so for like a month, so I'd miss out a lot of the most important part of this whole program.

Even though I'd still be able to fully attend the first two, and the last quarter of this course, I really don't see it approriate. It just wouldn't be fair towards Cris and all of you guys to just bail out for a month and come back in all shiny and smiling.

So I talked to him and we decided that it would be best that someone else takes my spot and that I follow the program publicly.

Again, If I had known this earlier I wouldn't have applied at all, but as we all know: Good luck has it's storms.

It has been an honor to be chosen as a fifth memeber, and I just feel ridiculous right now giving that away already. But it's still the best solution for everyone.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and the confusion, but better this early then in the middle of the class!

Thanks everyone for your understanding

Be well,


Here is one of my Sketching pages btw. They're freaking huge, so I will not spam all of them here

[Image: concept_art_class_character_sketches_by_...5h1fy7.jpg]

Be well
Hopefully I'm on the right track. I'll try and get the next set done after work tomorrow.



That lasso + marquee + gradient thing was hard as hell. I nearly hugged the brush tool after
good work everyone!
Vids for the first class are up!


Next face type: caucasian
Thank you for organizing this Sickbrush. This finally got me off my ass and doing some serious work :)

I'll update this post with the second assignment tomorrow.

[Image: faces2.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-6.jpg]
[Image: faces4.jpg]
[Image: faces5.jpg]

Here is the second assignment. Man, this one was rough. I guess the point was to have us think about the big shapes, but holly cow this was rough. I got caught up in details and quickly realized how stupid that was, then moved to big shapes, which was much easier. I also tried to avoid color picking since I need to learn more about color, but this might have been the wrong exercise to start that.

[Image: Untitled-1-4.jpg]

Assignment one done, can't wait to see the critiques :)


The afro- and afro-americans.

Woahh.. it is simply insane which amound of time goes in those studies. Getting the lines right. I like it - makes my ellbow work. Hope I can paint the asian and indian faces, since I have to work much the next days. Week-end: long studies and GW2 time is over now :D
awesome ! keep them cominggggg






African American


Native American
[Image: 0126PracticeSketches061012.jpg]
[Image: 0128PracticeSketches051012.jpg]

Never take away my brush tool again Chris xD. Kidding, was very educational. But seriously don't...
awesome! thanks for posting everyone!
Got a late start, and I'm already slow so I only got part of it done :(



@atrenr: woahhh.. I love your landscape study <3_<3

Here come the asian faces. Since I got feedback from some that likes especially the notes, I wrote them this time with a typo. So you aren't anymore bothered by my handwriting ;) I have to mention that all of those notes represent only my subjective observations. They are NOT exhaustive. I am very interested in the observations of my 'class mates' (or at least homework and study mates :D). And I will research this topic after finishing the last studies of the last race.
Great job everyone! Everything's looking great! D5f02ecd
Kinda fudged on that one with a bit of shading, so I'll need to replace it. What I've hammered out so far:

[Image: portraitsb.jpg]
Hi daggers,

I've started even later and I'm horribly slow. I've only finished two face studies yesterday and each one took me at least one hour to do. I don't know, if I'm on the right track. I'd love to receive some feedback from the daggers, if I'm doing these studies the right way. I've added some shading using lines. Though I was tired from my full time volunteer work and thus had a crappy eyesight yesterday. Now, here are at least my first two face studies. Looking at my studies today I notice, that I've used short line strokes. Will go back to it this evening, when I'm back home.

Native Americans:

great studies everyone, i love you <3


And assignment 2:

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