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Full Version: Class 1 (quick paintovers) HOMEWORK
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Here are the paintovers. The most important right now is the structure and anatomy.

[Image: mentoring%20assignment%201%20copy.jpg]

[Image: mj21vp%20copy.jpg]

[Image: creaturesfinal%20copy.jpg]

[Image: creatur2e.jpg]

HOMEWORK! I'll join you guys in this one.

-Creature Design.
-Theme: (Man-Hunter)
-With back-ground.
-Show references and studies.

Deadline Friday 12th Oct

Send Jpeg format to [email protected]
I already missed the first class due to confusion about time zone difference, plus I realize that the classes would go on until 5 am for me, which won't really work for me while I'm working my full-time job. I really appreciate the opportunity, and will definitely learn from these classes on demand, but I don't think I'll be able to be part of the class due to current time constraints. Hopefully in a couple months I'll be way more freed up and have time for these. It just wouldn't be fair for you for me to randomly miss classes. Thanks again.