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Full Version: New forum catergory - Crimson Dagger News
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I know, I am new to this forum but I wanted to make a little suggestion. :)
How about making a additional forum category called "Crimson Dagger News".
There we could post stuff like the Crimson Dagger article, new forums like the mentoring and stuff like that.
How's your opinion?

Nemome :)
Welcome to the forums Nemome!

I don't mind adding it really, I just don't want to flood/crowd the forums too much with new forum categories. Some people complained about there being too many forum categories on the forums, so I had to merge some of them.

If more people want this added though, just post in here and I'll add it.
I think the best thing is to do a little brainstorm and conceive a reasonable plan of forum sections so that anything anyone wanted to post would fit into a particular category without making the forum overcrowded with too many of them.

Also, each of category can have some sticky threads with impostant stuff - they won't sink, even if they are updated rarely. That is a good place to put rules, contact info, resources etc.