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Full Version: Class 2 (1 empty slot)
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Hi guys, I'm sorry for being late at the class update. I spoke about the homework on the stream, so I know most of the interested ones got it. Anyway here it goes.


Create a landscape with one or more human figures on it in order to show the dimension of your world.

Use an interesting color palette playing with warm and cold tones.

I want to see textures and a nice rendering of the focal point.

Composition and color balance will be the main focus.

Theme: Up to you.

DEADLINE: 19 oct 2012

Send studies and references along with the final piece to [email protected]

Thank you guys and sorry again for the delay.

PD: I will be welcoming a new member for the class since Jeremy wont be able to make it. So please whoever is interested send me a note with your portfolio (Only if you are willing to work, the classes and home-works will get a lot harder with time.