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Full Version: From a cube to a cathedral (CLASS CLOSED)
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It's been a great experience, almost 3 months of mentorship and more than 40 hours of class that I enjoyed a lot. I think there will be more teaching from me in the future , as crimson mentoring or something else time and situation will say. Now I need to take a break and find a job.

Thanks to my 3 brave souls Miles, Dominic and Klungart, and others who joined later like John, Judy or Martin, and all the people who were watching and supporting me week after week.

Also thanks to Dan and Cris, for the conversation we had before this, when I wasn't confidence enough to do it but they trusted me. And Angelique who was the first one to suggest "Isra you must do a mentorship" XD

Remember if you want to master perspective, you will still have to practice a lot and learn from more sources, but I hope this worked as a good start up.

For people who see this in the future, be free to post your assignments so other can see your work and if not me someone else can maybe give some feedback, or if not here in your sketchbook, remember the community is much more than just this thread :)


Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week bonus:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:

FIRST CLASS (Original post)

Here's the content of the first class, remember to post your assignments here before next Saturday's midnight CET.

[Image: fromacubetoacathedralweek1up.jpg]


First assessment!
Week 1
Thanks! Good job, I'm proud of you guys, tomorrow at 2PM CET crits and 2nd class
Week 2

Crits video

Demos video


[Image: week21.jpg]
I know I'm late and behind, but trying to catch up and follow along. Finished last weeks assignment, now to do this weeks in time.
Finished the hero path, should get the building in 2 point perspective done tomorrow =D, I'll update this post with it when done.

*Edit: Second assignment taking longer than i thought so I'll update with it in a couple of hours or so today.

*Update * Ok got it done =D.


Week 2.

[Image: week2e.jpg]
Week 2
Here are the two videos



And the image with the class contents

[Image: week03class.jpg]

I will post the crits images when I can another day because I have stuff to do and today took me longer than thought :S
Here is the first assignment after doing it I realised I completely messed up by making my perspective points waaaay to close to what would be off the edges of the page. I don't have time to do it again though, I will post the second assignment tomorrow and try to make an improvement with it. (Also thanks for taking the time to do the crit of my work Isra =D).
in fact im looking at your examples isra and I think I did it 100 percent wrong :S.
Thanks for your interest too. I can comment on that quickly, the main problem is you put the 3rd vanishing point up and the horizon also up, so you get a weird distortion.

Remember, if 3rd VP up, Horizon down (inside a range not exactly at the bottom of your page) and viceversa :)
Thanks, you saved making the same mistake again on the second assignment.
my attempt at the second assignment.


Week 3

[Image: assessment3.jpg]
Week 3 (over kill on windows)
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