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We all (should) know that art is a marathon and like everything that needs constant dedication it's easy to burn out and fire up the old Xbox or watch all seasons of Saved by the Bell on Netflix (oh Screech you rascal).

A better option is to spend a few minutes browsing some inspirational sketchbooks or motivational posts, get pumped and get back to work. So with the risk of being incredibly cheesy here are some of my favorite inspiration and motivation sources. I'll update this as times goes on but please share yours.

Apply directly to laziness!

Articles/ advice/ motivation

An old, but inspiring post by Dave Rapoza

5 best productivity methods

Dave's old schedule

Jason Rainville (Rhineville) ran a few mentoring threads a while back here and there. A good read and some idea of what to practice.

Zen pencils is a web-comic about inspirational quotes and an example of how an illustrator can start his own business and make a living off his own website. Check out his about page which is as interesting as his comics.

John Cheese is a columnist for Cracked who powered through alcoholism and poverty to become a full-time author. He has a bunch of funny columns talking about overcoming addiction, dealing with poverty and other such joyous topics. Here are two of my favorites
5 reasons today isn't going to suck
5 Pieces of Advice Every Adult Wishes They Got as a Teenager

The inspiration thread over on Conceptart

The Talent Code- This is one of my favorite books when it comes to learning how to practice and how to improve. A lot of good ideas and the website is filled with interesting posts.

Breaking the Habits that Enslave Us Interesting article about habit forming and how to break it.

Doodle Alley A picture Blog about sustainable creativity

Theory: Bill Evans on the Creative Process and Self-Teaching

Sketchbooks showing impressive improvement (with most or all images still there)

Sam Carr


Jason Rainville




this post is so much full of win, thanks for sharing!

There's also this thread which is the same thing but bigger.
Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked and tweeted.
digging out old threads yeah! Insane, ecstatic

As long as you aren't Zen monk your motivation and happiness most of the time tend to fade away.
It would be great to keep all motivational speeches, articles and comics in one place :)
[Image: tumblr_inline_mldqthAiTp1r0lbpy.gif]

Article about art clots:

The most motivating speech given by Nail Gaiman will double your confidence:

Doodle Alley is webcomic series about artists stuffs and motivation
[Image: GOALSARESCARY0001.jpg]

Time management
[Image: Time-Management001.jpg]

Working for free
[Image: tumblr_mmux9sRUqU1qmu410o1_r2_500.jpg]

Below is a typewritten note by the great Ward Kimball, legendary Disney animator, to an aspiring young animator named Will Finn. It is the perfect, no-nonsense reply to anyone seeking advice, inspiration and a well needed kick in the ass.

Podcasts: - podcast for illustrators - podcast about working in game industry

Psychological topics worth watch:

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Dan Gilbert: Why Are We Happy? Why Aren't We Happy?

I will try to post more funny/inspiring stuffs here in future!
This thread is the best. Good thing I decided to explore the forums a bit more.
As for me motivation has been on and off, so this is really going to help me power through my 8hr dailies.
Good thing you did indeed! Thanks.
Why isn't this stickied, I wonder?
Yeah it should be stickied, thanks for posting these I love the neil gaiman speech.
edit:I found these really motivating.
Bobby Chiu uploaded these from his audiobook the perfect bait a while back.
[Image: tumblr_ms5ti0kOej1rzlgoko1_500.jpg]

I found this really inspiring.

We artists are also inventive, creative people, and can learn from this kid's spirit - we go places by focusing on doing and thinking how it can be done.

Feeling really not motivated right now, exactly what I need to keep me going :)
Get over being a sugar cookie: 10 Life Lessons from a Navy SEAL Admiral.

This one does it for me, thanks algen wherever you are

not sure if already posted but here ya go

Heh. Hannes is an inspiration. Amazing. I remember this one :)

marek okon's deviantart.
go through his old works and see for yourself how this great artist transform into one of the most prolific artist in the industry today.
(06-21-2014, 11:42 PM)foxfire1345 Wrote: [ -> ]

marek okon's deviantart.
go through his old works and see for yourself how this great artist transform into one of the most prolific artist in the industry today.

Yeah, Marek's progress is awesome, it's so satisfying to look at all artist's works from the very begging. Often people want to spot evidence of genius in every early piece, when mostly early pieces are as bad as anyone else first pictures. I think this link was already somewhere in forum but what the hell I will duplicate it here
This is a video that everyone should see.

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