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Hey guys long time follower havent gotten on the community here till just now here is an overall look at my work its some old and some new, crits and comments are more than welcome!


here is my current sketchbook from
Here is some figure studies doing the 2hour class mode at pixelovely then a character using the character generator. Stayed in black and white trying to get values figured out more before I start working more with color.
hey Cj i think i remember you from CGhub! from a contest maybe?

anyway, its cool that you decided to join the community, keep doing more and more studies, and focus on drawing how things are instead how you see them.
Its more, learning "to see" instead of learning to draw.

And welcome!
Hey man thanks! yea I was with this along time ago when it first started then slacked off immensely, now im back and going full force I need to get better I have to push myself get better or not at all. I am on cghub as a moderator there as well :D

Craig mullens study still working on
another one just a portrait study of a friend of mine, I really need to work on getting my work to look not so much like a drawing and want to make it look more realistic. But in good news I got a black metal band wanting me to get some album art for them its my first real commission and its pretty exciting!


oh and forgot doing king arthur class but starting from begning so I get the full effect of the class here is my arthur so far going with romans and doing a whole gladiator approach with him going to do merlin as his owner and then morgane and mordrid as opposing gladiator and owner.
here is a possible album cover for a local black metal group that I know. They may pick one of my other sketches I sent but still waiting final decision they however loved this one and are cool with me posting it so I figured id share with everyone.

Tank girl study/fan art

Ok so I have been thinking alot about my new years resolution and how I will make the most of this next year, and I have decided instead of all these hundreds of things I wish to do I am only going to focus on one, and that is to improve my art. This is what I want to do as a career and I have been lazy about it no doubt about that I spend way too much time doing anything BUT art and that is a big no no. So my goal is to get at least a sketch a day out limit myself to 1hour long studies and when I have down time draw no ifs no buts just DRAW. I am determined to get better at my art and I thank everyone who supports me, I hope one day I can reach my goal of working full time as a successful independent artist.

so fitting that this first wip will be of a level 1 hero
New year has been quite rough so far my Mom had to go to the hospital for a day 2 and it really kind of rocked everyone in the family, but I remember what Bobby Chiu said about how when things seem to be going good life tests you with bad things, and just remember good things will be coming soon but anyways..New year new beginnings guys my previous post will pretty much cover my goals for this year and here is what I have so far today, a self portrait I am working on some more of the album, 20 figure 60sec drawings I really need to get better at these I take way to much time on them didnt think I finished one, but then I did 10 figures from my head for a total of 30 today I have my schedule I am trying to work out with my stupid day job it takes ALOT of the time I wish to paint but I need to work somehow trying to push so I dont need the job anymore.

more figures running short on time today day job takes away so much from my art trying to fix that


so basically you just draw lines without pen pressure and try to hit it from the first, from point a to point b without making unnecessary lines. now this isnt to teach you how to draw but
just so you can get more confident.

so heres an example, no underdrawing, just strait up trying to hit it from the first.

Thanks liberty I went ahead and did one it was pretty hard trying to break that habit will be tough but here it is plus some other stuff including a self portrait. That makes 120 figures in 4 days!
Hey, nice sketchbook you have going here, gestures are great! In you paintings thought, one thing I notice is that you go really quickly to black in your coloured paintings, you should try and avoid pure black and only use it for shadow accents, it allows more control over focal points and can describe the form in the shadows a lot. Or at least thats my understanding :P

Also thanks for the comments in my sketchbook, being stuck sucks and the comments certainly help keeping me on the right track :)

Ill add you as a watch on DeviantART too :)
Thanks Jaik! yea its a bad habit I am trying to get out of :( and much appreciated! Ill even add you to mine, I know what you mean I will be sure to pop in and out of your sketchbook!

didnt do much today was focused on finishing my album commission (my first job ever!!!whoot!)
I personally feel like I could do ALOT better but they are extremely happy with it so far so I guess thats good! :P and a small sketch for the crimson characters. Will do more tomorrow.
more figures god I suck at drawing women...
not feeling well and slept in waaaay late today still managed to get these done hopefully more productive tomorrow, and feeling better :P
more studies and a new piece I started on today, a little late with the post but still postings at least one thing a day.
more work MORE!!! Anyone have tips on how to stay away from being distracted? I seem to get distracted alot and I am trying to break it.
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