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Hey, nice to see what you're up to these days,
I see your sketch sheets are siilar in structure, do you follow some system? :)
Abstract stuff in right corner looks quite cool btw
The only thing Im really focusign is trying to draw in 3d, see  it in mind eye and drawing it. Thats why I do many abstracts, just random forms, organic and hard.
Then I try to do some figures, designs or simple ilustratons.

youll learn more if you take 1 of your poses from imagination and drawing a full rotation of it, using whatever means you can to show it moving. it does many things to make you think, is this a good pose in the first place, hows the anatomy, perspective, even if you light it too, makes a big challenge that actually teaches fundamentals well
some 3d again :s
I Kind of gave up on 2d for now.

Last year time recap.
Spent 4 months on unreal engine. 

From 1-1-2020 I dont have a job, but can sustain myself :)
wow that stuffs looking fantastic dude! try to light some of those pieces and render them, im sure some studious could give you some work build a couple assets... Great stuff! specially if you built those figures from scratch

Edit: but yea i think youre a natural at 3d, the quality jump is immense, you really seem to appreciate the forms in 3d space more, and i think thats your calling. Some of these up close on inspection need some tweaks but on first read theyre really nice. Like the barbarian raising the arm, his pectoralis is kinda sloppy right now, but thats not a hard fix and id imagine you have reference for that so give it a tweak ;). Also your creature heads arent very good, but the naturalistic heads are coming along. The creature heads are really sloppy and undefined, like its just all texture brush, and not taking the time to find the forms. The creature hands are lovely, and professional looking however, so great stuff great stuff

Also your naturalistic heads have very good structure and anatomy, but they are unappealing as far as the face we're looking at. Try to build a more attractive face, male or female, and spend a lot of time getting that down, thats super important for working in the industry is being able to execute a beautiful and desirable face
Thank you, for the kind words.
Some times I stumble on an atractive face but then I lose it. Cant doit with consistency. :)
As you say I should finish something, I think I have some kind of commitment problem.
i can relate, if you go back a few pages in my sb, youll see my raven piece and all the tribulations i went through with that. But i stuck it out and i still have a piece i dont shutter to look at probably like a year later; finished pieces is what separates the pros from the amateurs, and finishing something in 3d is actually easier since you have rendering programs to light things perfectly for you in a small span of time.

Get in there, detail those hands and faces, like the barbarian dude, give him a good arnold schwarzenegger face throw it in a rendering program and dress up those textures and put some mountains behind in photoshop and boom you got a good portfolio piece :)
The recent 3D work is looking quite solid! Any chance you will go the full route and actually Retopologize, texture, and rig a full character model? Might be a nice learning session that can yield a good portfolio piece?
Yes, Zorrentos I want to do a full character. Im not sure If I can do clothes, props, gadgets and that stuff but I want to do one for sure.

The girl is not really done but at the same time not sure where to go with it. Im not sure if I want to try realistic render or leave it as a clay sculpt.

Marmoset 3d view 

her nose and lips and overall proportions look good, however her chest is way too narrow and her eyes have that odd Elder Scrolls IV look to them. Id spend more time on those, and try to stylize a bit to make them more appealing. Also nice job on the neck and sternomastecloid indication and the infraclavicular fascia indication is nice.
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