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Full Version: Azura
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Hey guys,

i wanted to do a character-design and have done my own concept-description:

Azura Swift is the best bow-fighter in the kingdom of corvus.
Her agility and preciseness seem unparalleled and no one knows of anyone, who saw an arrow of hers miss a target.
She is smart, silent, beautiful and calm. Nevertheless, she can be cold as ice and her cold gaze can make a grown man look away in shyness.
Everywhere she goes, she carries with her “Smity”, a shy mouse, which she sometimes talks to and feeds.
Her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow, but she also weares a short curved sword and some throwing blades.
Her past is not to be spoken of, as she lost a very close person, which is partly responsible for her quiteness.

adjectives: agile, quiet, precise, deadly, beautiful, smart, cold, sad past

so i did some sketches for that
do you think the description is met?

and some sketches for a goblin assassin

Hey flo, cool ideas, with the azura one, I feel like your armour is envelepoing her instead of accentuating her femininity. You could push that a bit more by putting it tighter on her feminine body parts. Also being that she would be a bow user the armour that I feel works best at the moment is the bottom right one as she would have ease of movement while still having some sort of protection.

The goblin assassin's that I like best are the bottom right and bottom left. They have an ezio from assassin's creed kind of feel to them, which is very cool.

Hope that helps dude :).
i reworked the whole idea and started with the anatomy this time.

after the anatomy works i will add the armor and weapon.

thanks for the comment jon i will take it into account when i arrive at the armor.

added an quick armor set, but that will definitely be changed to a more leather-y set.