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Full Version: Uploaded images not visible when logged out
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Hello, hello, hello,

This is the follow-up of this help thread:

So... apparently pictures uploaded with the attachment manager aren't visible when logged out. I already checked with various browsers. Below is a screenshot of the problem attached.
This is a problem for me, as I planned on sharing my sketchbook with not-so-artsy acquaintances. ^_^

My questions are now:

1) What is the cause of this problem?
2) Will this issue be resolved in the nearby future?

Looking forward to your replies!

Its not an issue or a problem, its more a "security" function.
You need to log in to view the images on this site, as simple as that.
But i see it can be a problem if you want to share your stuff with non members.

I dont know if that restriction is gonna be changed in the future, but in the mean time, why not starting another sketchbook on or just to name a few.

I set it up this way mostly to conserve on bandwidth, because I'm not receiving any kind of money for running this forum and without ads. Unless people want to donate for something like that, but it's probably not necessary, since this is sort of small "family" type of community.

There are of course and like EduardoGaray pointed out, that caters to a larger community.