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Full Version: Image Size Caps?
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I was wondering if there was a way you could limit the file size/ resolution (1mb / 1024x768)? I understand that people like showing details, but some pages take forever to load. And it could be very heavy on the server.

So What I am suggesting

- Have a file size cap per image, maybe 1mb-5mb an image (which is more than enough to showcase online). One way to fix this without make a cap though is to have people when saving 'save for web & devices' which automatically drops the resolution to web standards @ 72dpi which is designed to load faster for the web.

- Cap file dimensions to simple dimensions? maybe with a max height/ width of 2500px x 2500px?

This should also help with art theft, lower res images & compressed file sizes would really disable people from stealing art.

Again just an idea, I don't want to throttle the art that makes this community great. but for usability and server stability I feel like it's a good way to go.
Sometimes I can't even fit half a image on my 24 inch monitor, kinda ridiculous v.v

I'd opt for the image size cap/auto resizing, if people are that worried about art being stolen they could upload a lower quality image here rather than everyone having to lower their quality.
I don't really know what is technically possible for the forums right now though.
I´m with you, i always resize my pictures to max 1024 width.
In most cases it is enough resolution to enjoy a picture.
Sure, I will take a look at what I can do.
I made the fix, but let me know if you want the scaling to be more than what I currently set it to; which is set around the width of the forum table.
Yeah, I always post my image with a max of 1000 wide - it works well, not too much load (usually). It is actually awesome if it make the images more "viewable".


(01-18-2013, 02:46 AM)Dennis Kutsenko Wrote: [ -> ]I made the fix, but let me know if you want the scaling to be more than what I currently set it to; which is set around the width of the forum table.

I think that's perfect!
It is working nicely Dennis!
I'd love to ask to get it up 900-1000px though? Big screen problems :<
I set it to a 1000 pixels width now. Is it better or worse? Although the width does go out a little beyond table width; I don't know if people mind that. Anyway, Let me know.

Also, keep in mind that you can see the full image by clicking on it.
Looking good mate, I like this change especially with the amount of sketch books I try to look through.
looks perfect dennis, those extra pixels don't bother anyone man.
Yes, yes! Perfect Dennis, thank you <3
hey guys
i just have a small suggestion, but i think it might be useful

the yellow bar that shows that an image has been scaled down to fit a window jumps out and is in strong contrast with the dark grey page colour, and i thought perhaps it would be better if the bar was dark and blended in with the page.

sometimes it feels that the yellow bar competes for attention with the image, especially if the image itself is dark

here's an example of a subtler version that you can still read but seems more hidden:

Ill see what I can do
the new ones look great dennis