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Full Version: Jordy's Art Stuff (video tutorial series starting from 0)
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Hey guys I've been doing a tutorial series lately. I have 4 episodes so far and plan to keep going with it as long as possible, building up to advanced stuff!

It's meant to be very interactive (I have no solid plans) so please subscribe and comment with what you would like to see next (in a logical progressive new episode though! :))

This is awesome, especially since I saw this video before I found out about CD. Keep up the good work man!
Art Stuff episode 5 is up !!

In this one I talk about composition Sharing this (if you liked it/it helped!) would help me in turn build an audience and give me more reason to make more videos, so that would be great!

Enjoy and feel free to leave some feedback in the comments for future videos etc.

Forgot to post in here! I'm up to episode 7, episode 8 coming tomorrow or the day after hopefully :)

Enjoy, like/fave/sub, comment! And if you wanna be truly awesome, share it someplace since I have a small audience so far!

Art Stuff episode 8 is up! Getting into anatomy :)

Enjoy! Please share this around if you wanna help me out! :)Ep
Art Stuff episode 9 is up! Diving straight into delicious anatomy, with the human skull.

Subscribe/share for more and to be awesome!

Art Stuff episode 10 is up! First episode on full-on lighting - talking about some basic light setups. Check it out, might have some info for the more advanced too! :)

I subscribed ^^ Thanks for the wonderful lessons!
No worries, glad you like it!
Art Stuff episode 11 is up!! Sub & share, watch & enjoy :)

Ep12 is up, super quick trick on setting up perspective!

only watched the anatomy human skull and the warmup vids so far but these are some great lessons man, thanks!.
Glad you like it! check out the rest some time during work :) (if you have a second monitor that is)
great videos! really impressed by the stuff mate, though wish I could try some of your presets, not compatible :( Despite that, tried some new techniques using the 'oil painting' style that you use (no opacity changing) and its worked out beautifully! It's exactly the effect I was looking for so I'm really happy!
Thanks a bunch, will keep tuned ;)
Ward - you can actually import the presets regardless the version; its through another menu option (cant remember exactly which) but you can get it working fine. Google importing presets cross-versions and you'll have your answer!

after a long wait due to technical issues, I'm back with episode 13!

Really Great series you've got going here, I'm really enjoying watching them :), thanks!
Thank you for making these videos! I just subscribed to you!
Such great vids you've created, they're very enjoyable to watch and super helpful, thank you for sharing!
Thanks a ton :) Art Stuff Episode 14 is up !!

subscribed cant wait to check it out!
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