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Full Version: Compositing critique please
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Hi everybody, I'm new on this forum so i try insert my ass :p with my low english.
I don't have a good skill for the time being but i want upgrade my skill.

So i need critique for my compositing picture before to continuate this paint:

[Image: 1175204502.jpg]

I wanna tell on this picture a man leave the monk monastary for something reason x), it's like asian film lol. So there will a character in foreground, forward the brigde.

I think you should move the angle of the camera so the building is more in the third of the image and make it the focal point... now it seams like the bridge is the main thing in the image... Also, the tree is making a tangent with the top of the image... I would make it ether bigger and make it serve as a part of the frame and maybe bring it cloaser, or make it smaller so the hight fits in the image completely... Since you have a clear sky with clouds, you could make it so the ligh hits the building and hive it saturated colors and use the shadows of clouds (that you dont see in the image) to put stuff in the shadow... Like a vigneting effect... But yea, you should decide what is the main thing in the image and than try to make it most visible and make the rest bring the eye to it...
That is my humble opinion... Hope it helps! Keep going!!!


Hi, thank you very much for your answer. I have to work light, my i fear a bad compositing, so to night i'll rivise my compositing and work my light.
Igor gave you some excellent advice. I would just add that the bridge seems extremely large. Right now, the building and the bridge have equal visual weight. I think it might make more sense to make the bridge a bit smaller, so the building is more imposing and the bridge can work better as a transition from foreground to background.


thank for you feedback ^^,now i dont have time for continue my painting, but dont worry i would finish this!!