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Full Version: Boy Kite Octopus Pirateship WHAT?!
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Quiet Monkey

So I am currently working on this thing. Not 100% sure where I am going with it.

[Image: 560_BKP.jpg]

So far what I have done is the Octopus inked, and base color in. I have a good treatment and color scheme I want to use for the clouds. I am still working on the construction of the boy and his kite. Also still designing the pirate ship. They are both grey because I am still deciding on a color scheme. I would like to see if there is anything anyone can add, or if there is some problems I am not yet seeing, so I can fix it early! Any crit is appreciated. If you had a bad day, just tear this a new one, and it will make you feel better and won't hurt my feelings! :D
Incredibly good idea for a painting! You may already be doing this but be sure to give the ship some life by making it list to one side and place the ship at a slight angel, this will give the ship as well as the clouds some perceived movement and solidity. The skull on the ship and the boys hand creat a tangit I would fix. I can not wait to see this piece as you progress.

This is a great time to get feedback for a painting.
This is a common mistake I usually make... the placement of the ship is kinda nowhere... its not in the middle and its not on any third... I suggest moving the ship to the left third so you have the boy on the lower right third and the ship on the upper left third... I think that would make the composition much better... Anyway, great idea... I like it allot... hope this helps...