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Full Version: Looking for final touches
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Let me know what yall think, it's a reimagining of an older piece.

I like it! sort of a Giger-esque Dune worm kinda thing, cool.

The only advice I could give (and I am totally new here, so take it with a grain of salt) would be to maybe adjust your astronaut in scale and position to maximize the discrepancy in scale with the creature. Some debris around the base might also help sell the action.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll be adding debri and coloring the base if the worm to look like there is more of a red light rather than that white/yellow that is there now. Busy this weekend with SXSW, I'll post the changed version later this month.
Ok, the underside of the snakething's neck should have more rim light (and it should be sharper) the top part of the bottom of the snakething (if that makes sense) should be lit more by the moon, but the lighting should be softer and on a larger part ( if the extreme right has rim lighting, the apart underneath the head should too.) I'm a big confused by the red lighting on the guy and on the snakething. If it comes from one of those torches, that torch is either right against the guy or it's much much stronger than the other torches we see. These torches barely give colored light on the ground right beneath them. Also, there is a low source of light right in front of the snakething that doesn't seem to illuminate the guy at all (or the ground) BUT he gets a strong rim light, presumably from the moon? He'd probably be in the shade of the snakething, I think. Also, the guy is running right off the page and he's got an awkward tangent with the edge of the page. It's like he's pressed against the bottom of a fish tank. I think you can either put some parts of him outside the frame, or make him run towards us (which would make it creepier.)

I hope this helps.