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Full Version: Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
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Thanks Frenik, I'm considering going back to that one.

[Image: 8IsnGW5.jpg]
[Image: RfogZHg.jpg]

Kind of feel like I'm in a rut these days. Going to try to paint my way out of it
Know what you mean. I feel like that quite often, but just continuing to work on new stuff seems to always help. Keep your head up.
hey man, your improvement is astonishing. Persist!
When i feel stuck 3 types of things worked for me:
1) Change the subject of my studies completely, approaching some new subject (ex: from portraits to architecture, from enviros to vehicles, or going deep in some fundamental i usually neglect, like perspective or complicate lighting or materials)
2) Reading some book / article / tutorial specific for my current need
3) Try take an old piece to finish, analyze where you stopped at the time and why, redoing the design, push through my usual idea of finished piece and refining.

For keeping it simple: do something you don't usually do
Hope it helps, hang on!
Frenik - Thanks man, just another one of those art demons that we all face.

TristanGuts - Thanks for the suggestions Tristan. I went with the "new subject" route for today, let's see how the next week goes!

Appreciate the support guys! I tried to put in maximum effort today, but I still have a long ways to go. Listening to Tony Robbins on youtube helped with the motivation a bit lol.

Also, everyone who isn't doing the spitpaints on facebook should come check it out. It's really helpful as practice/warmup

Tunnel Entrance
[Image: nojx6wT.jpg]
Giant Stairway
[Image: CeKatTN.jpg]

[Image: pEaORgv.jpg]
[Image: mJIsaV7.jpg]
[Image: znBGYzA.jpg]
[Image: ZfpFsFh.jpg]
Sketchy stuff. Going to take the tiger lady further
[Image: HrCi5WE.jpg]
[Image: ZQCaMAk.jpg]
Some much great stuff since I last dropped by here! 0___O

The characters, especially on the previous page are so awesome. Really beautiful stuff. Keep pushing man, your stuff seems to have exploded recently and you need to ride out that momentum. Plus seeing your stuff makes me realise I need to work harder, so thanks for the ass kicking ;P
Hey thanks man! That's kind of you to say. Although I don't think you need me to remind you to work hard, your recent stuff is looking awesome! :)

Today's spitpaints:
Weather demons
[Image: xbNjD5N.jpg]
Too high
[Image: GGqcRln.jpg]
[Image: zqbM3iE.jpg]

[Image: NsCqQsB.jpg]
[Image: MWPRbi4.jpg]
Don't know why I'm fixated on women with tigers lately
Some really great work in this sketchbook, the latest character looks like it is coming up awesomely and I saw that adrenaline painting in the spitpaint group, and thought it was a really funny idea, came out well too. Keep it up!
Thanks Egbu! Those spitpaints are fun :)

Today's Spitpaints:
[Image: GLm1vy7.jpg]
Red Lanterns
[Image: xi60Iko.jpg]
Living Doll
[Image: q1N66KH.jpg]
[Image: tLsymMI.jpg]

[Image: jFbKZwO.jpg]
[Image: OnCCSjR.jpg]
my tablet driver crashed in the middle of this last one so I decided to call it a night lol
Fucking love your latest stuff, keep em' coming.
Thanks Crackedskull!

More spitpaints:
Inside the volcano
[Image: xwgmYek.jpg]
Fallen empire
[Image: aZA5i15.jpg]
dock crane
[Image: 762P7bt.jpg]

[Image: 5rzDzRJ.jpg]

I think these spitpaints are really helping my brain work the muscle of translating ideas to visuals. I highly recommend everyone to post in the group, especially from the daggers. It's a good way to practice this stuff and also social network. Get in while it's hot!
aaah, great work dude ! Btw, what is " spitpaint " is it a group ? where ? can you link me ? it sound very interesting !!
Sorry! should have specified, the group is on facebook :) Just search for spitpaint on there and it should come up right away.

[Image: H9BdGfp.jpg]
[Image: U1dPzdt.jpg]
quickie studies
[Image: 3uEq9nG.jpg]
literally everything you post is golden
Thanks Ben! More like bronze :)

Jungle Scout
[Image: I2D9oXq.jpg]
[Image: KAg1hXn.jpg]
[Image: DxLg2Af.jpg]
Hey, It's been awhile! I'm digging the spitpaints Pnate, fallen empire is my probably favorite. Keep pushin' it, things are looking sweet.
Thanks man :)

Mutant mermaid and Kingslayer - didn't have such good ideas for these, but good practice anyways.
[Image: bZuU4BF.jpg]
[Image: JLF8njj.jpg]
Lots of good studies and starts for some illustrations, sir. Pick one and push it further, maybe?
Thanks man. And you are correct, I am in need of some new finished stuff

[Image: pF1UeRS.jpg]

[Image: z0HdKDo.jpg]
[Image: Eqmyavx.jpg]