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Full Version: Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
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Hey man, you have some really nice original work here! Love both your bloodsports entries. And the mastodon/ mammoth piece is just epic. You have some really nice colors here too. I will keep you in my radar for sure.
Thanks Tyler :)

Some design exercises and sketches

[Image: sjG4muR.jpg]
[Image: POceO3E.jpg]
[Image: en2xXkl.jpg]
[Image: jtYGAZ1.jpg]
Environment poop

[Image: 4uGlpTx.jpg]
GREAT SCOTT!!! I love your sketchbook. You can do everything really really REALLY well. I'm going to look forward to reading your blog and skimming through your deviantArt
Mannyhaatz - thanks man! I have a long way to go but thanks for the compliment

Some poop from today

[Image: xdQfLyW.jpg]
[Image: TuRl4rG.jpg]
[Image: 7N2bl02.jpg]
Cloud studies and quick enviros

[Image: BhkysEo.jpg]
[Image: 0NhjgJA.jpg]
Practice stuff

[Image: yQ4eotd.jpg]
[Image: UktzM7M.jpg]
Really love the stuff you got going on here, keep up the good work, when you get a min can you give mine a look
Very cool studies and skecthes ! You are on the right way man !
NickHuddleston - thanks! sure dude :)

Dimitri - Thank you!

some sketch crap while working on bloodsports

[Image: 5jSw5aq.jpg]
[Image: cRYNJE4.jpg]
[Image: MMgYkn6.jpg]
[Image: jQ58hWX.jpg]
nice man! love the way you render everything :) if i had to crit anything i say to work on some textures
Thanks Ben! I definitely need to work on them textures, thanks for commenting dude

Squeezed in a quick portrait in the middle of bloodsports stuff
[Image: sUWloLE.jpg]
morning gestures. Found a new awesome stock page sometime last week: Check it out if you haven't already
[Image: 9FWGkGT.jpg]
Whoa, Those environmental paintings look awesome.
Thanks Prabu!

Some sketch crap. Workin on the bloodsports in the meantime woop woop

[Image: gaUdY5f.jpg]
[Image: Nla8y78.jpg]
Here's my bloodsports entry. Probably going to polish it up a little more later, but had to turn it in like this

[Image: qiawn7Z.jpg]
[Image: 3ongR9m.jpg]
[Image: U8bVusF.jpg]
shit forgot to post these color thumbs...

[Image: 0clewHR.jpg]
[Image: aGpWkbK.jpg]
Your sketchbook is probably one of my favorites here =) I really love the emotion in the eyes of the female portraits. Can I ask you how long it usually takes you to do them and what ref you are using? (it may be my imagination, but I'm seeing some similar traits in several of the female faces you've drawn).
Lovely designs! them clouds look so tasty, keep it up.