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Full Version: Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
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Those last few studies & sketches are great! The guy with the fairy is coming along nicely! The ambient illumination on the cloak is really nice too.
Thanks for the kind words Tyler!

done for Matt Laskowski's skillshare class
[Image: OBRfIa1.jpg]
witch vs plane
[Image: kkLzOP8.jpg]
secret agent
[Image: 8aU1lPl.jpg]
Awesome work man, I love the guy with the yellow fairy, makes me think of a wind spren from the Way of Kings books :) I like the values of the last piece too, keep it up man, solid work all around!
thanks Mayenla!

practice heads
[Image: W527Qrp.jpg]
more stuff

[Image: MEprQ8t.jpg]
[Image: XqbI6FN.jpg]
[Image: zXgjVo7.jpg]
[Image: JnAifo1.jpg]
I'd love to see you take some of those practice into full render. Or do a bunch more of them. Dealer's choice ;)
haha thanks matkaminski! Some stuff in the works ;)

[Image: RJvCNWn.jpg]
[Image: XptFCEA.jpg]
pink hair and goggles
[Image: LWN1Rao.jpg]
[Image: 0auR7Nn.jpg]
I love your last head practices and that flamethrower girl is just awesome!
Damn good skills! Keep going! :D
Thanks brobossa!

still life-had to stop when the light kept changing. Note to self: pick a better time of day for these. Some more interesting stuff on the wayyyy

[Image: X9NmK0a.jpg]
One quick tip for still-lifes that I've found is to do them indoors with a set light. BUT for more natural light, I would suggest to have at least one constant light on them as well. That way you can get the dual light-source thing going.

Female studies are looking bad ass! :)
hey Pnate,

nice studies man. Especially the still life. Last time I did a still life study I only worked when it was already dark, so my light was always the same.

I think you should try to get some of those super crisp edges in your paintings. It would help to make it look more finished.

Hey man, was good meeting you at the MB workshop. Now with that being said... You've improved so fucking much since page 1. Like what the hell, and what're these things I see in every post? Studies!? What?? Seriously man you're kicking ass, don't stop, ever.
matkaminski - hey thanks! yeah I've also thought about investing in a good light for such things. Anybody have recommendations for bulbs?

Flo - Thanks flo :) Yeah an atelier style setup may be best...

Forrestimel - It was awesome meeting you too! Thanks man, I could say the same about you :) You're kickin butt these days

start of next character (magic sparks to be added later)
[Image: sO3vc6U.jpg]
Awesome as always. This might be a stupid question - do you have a kind of curriculum for yourself? Like a fixed study and finished work-ratio? I'd really be interested in your day of work if it's not too rude to ask - yours seems to work efficiently :)
PNATE! You're images are disappearing off of imgur... :(

For some reason they weren't loading. but it seems to be fixed.
Kaffer - My schedule these days is pretty loose as I found that a strict schedule was stressing me out. So I'll usually do studies/sketches in the morning, refine a sketch if I like it or do some more sketches/studies until dinner, and refine one of the "WIP" bigger pieces I have until bedtime :)

TylerDonnelly - Thanks for the heads up man. I can't even see more than half my pictures on imgur, but they seem to be showing on this sketchbook...for now

Anybody use something other than imgur to host their pictures? I'm kind of worried that they'll get tired of me uploading my stuff on there and just dump half my images one day. I'm pretty sure I'm wayyyy over the "non member" image limit

land turds
[Image: HwWdR7F.jpg]

[Image: Jsou4p0.jpg]

[Image: uBmwTUP.jpg]
Well, picasa is owned by google and I don't see them going away anytime soon.
Anytime you upload a blogger page or blogspot page it saves your images into picasa. That's the host I use and I haven't seen a single image fade in over two years now.

Also, for bulbs I think that those curly-Q bulbs... Energy saver bulbs I guess ( They seem to work pretty well for giving out solid neutral light. At least when I do my still lifes that's what I use.

But anyway, I want to see #614 done! That one is looking so good! You might still be using that block-in technique with the selection tool or shape tool, but this is coming along amazingly! I would suggest to keep plugging away at things like this.

Do you have any long-term goals in mind for your art? Like are you trying to be a character artist? Environment artist? Technical artist? The reason I ask is that you have a knack for pretty solid character designs and I would continue to explore them to the fullest if you were specifically looking at character art. But again, this all depends on your long-term goals. What type of industry do you see yourself working in? Are you considering freelance? All of these can help to shape why type of art in the long-term you could consider.

Granted, all of this is moot if you wish to freelance, because at that point you kind of have to be a jack-of-all-trades. And of course it doesn't hurt at all to be knowledgeable in everything.

I think that Marc Brunet said it here best.

Anyway... just something that I was thinking about while looking at your newest character design.

Carry on... it's early and I'm just rambly today. :)
haha thanks man! I was thinking of those bulbs that change color so I can play with different colored light as well. I saw it on Amazon so I may invest in one of those. Yup, freelance is waht I'm lookin at, so trying to be as well rounded as possible :)

WIP - very early stage
[Image: MGyzYmt.jpg]
Great sketchbook, I really like your characters! ;)