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Full Version: Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
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pnate! haven't been in here for a while your doing great bud :D
Thanks Mr. Toodles :) haha still love your username.

horses and a face. bleh

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don't worry she's hot DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!
nice sb man!
Fedodika - Ha, thanks man. Lookin at it today grosses me out :) Next portrait will be betterrrr

Thanks Wardy!

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it's awesome man, though i totally know where you're comin from lol it's like; damn i sucked yesterday!
Yeah mann, story of mah life

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Hot damn! You're killin me man!

Now that the compy is all set-up, ITS ON again ;)
matkaminski - Sweet man! Let's do thissss

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So impressed with your gestures, man! Super fluid and loose and just really beautiful. Keep it up yooo
Thanks Zombie!

another virtual plein air
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I want to squeeze and hug your clouds, they are so cute when you paint the round ones D:
The brush strokes in the shadow area of the last enviro are a bit distracting, as they don't follow the street's perspective, but the sunlit parts do. But the colors are lovely (I am repeating myself)!

The violet dressed lady up there is cool. When doing your character concepts, do you do just whatever/random design shapes, or do you start with a theme or idea in mind?
Thanks Lyraina for the cloud love and crit! Clouds are one of my favorite things :) As for the characters, sometimes I won't have anything in mind (those always end up being the worst), but others I'll have an idea of a character's role (magic, knight, thief, whatever) or a physical trait. For that one I just wanted to paint a woman with horns and robes, and I started with a very rough pose and some random brushstrokes in black &white.

Did some more work on the lady, but looks nearly the same haha I need some render practice.
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Fuck dude, I go away for 2 minutes and you go and bust out pages of awesome stuff. Gratz on the sticky too, it's well deserved! It feels like ages since I last dropped by and said hello but ive still been lurking in the shadows some what :p

Your stuff keeps getting tighter and tighter every time I drop by, which is no surprise based on all the work your busting out. Especially in your value, contrast and colour man, its all looking tasty. Great job as always dude, love seeing your journey.

Oh and I noticed your pushing for freelance now? Hows the job hunting going? I would have thought with your skills it wouldn't be all that difficult to find but I wish you all the best with it regardless. Take care mate.
Thanks man! I had a really bad art block this week, so I've just been slogging through it. Appreciate all the kind words :) Yeah I saw you updated your sketchbook, and haven't seen you around for a while, but lookin good as always. I sent out some emails to a few companies but no word back yet. I just assume it's either a style issue, timing, or skill level so I'm just working on improving as always since it's the only thing we really can do anything about :) Hopefully leveling up and resubmitting later on will get a better response!

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Your sketchbook keeps popping up. Good work my fellow.
Ever thought about going wild with colors, like dabbing complimentary color of the same value on skin.
If youre intrested in these shenanigans go check out Marco Bucci on youtube, hes got some stuff.
Also do more master studies and still lives.
I agree with cracked it'd definately be good if you tried some more color studies and really tried to push your rendering more and more! that art slump ain't gonna last forever cmon baby les GO GOGOGOGO!!!!
cracked - Thanks man. Yeah, Bucci has some awesome stuff :) More studies to come, I just started a new piece that should be fun

Fedodika - Thanks for encouragement mannnn woohooo

took pics of my oiled chest for reference
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