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Full Version: Becoming a Bear.
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I'm 22 years old, 6'0, and 157lbs.

I've been lifting (seriously) for about two years now. in that time I've gained about 20 pounds of body weight and have managed to stay relatively lean. I've got a fast metabolism, and trim joints (meaning I'm predominantly ectomorphic.)

In addition to illustrating, I also love to model and act. While I model professionally, I've yet to break into the acting circuit.

Modeling means I have to stay in good shape, but this a bit counter-productive to my lifting goals as I wish to gain more mass and strength. My agency always says "don't get big, just ripped." my goal body would be 188-200lbs with lower than 14% body fat...which I would consider as "bear mode" as I can get (naturally) with my body type.

I follow this routine currently-- 3x a week. It's a hybrid mass & strength routine.

Flat bench:
Reps & current weights:
12 - 100lbs
6 - 120lbs
1 - 140lbs
1 - 160lbs
1 - 170lbs
1 - 180lbs
1 - 190lbs (current PR)
1 - 190lbs
1 - 180lbs
1 - 180lbs
9 - 130lbs
14 - 110lbs
^ 10 sets total. Heavy singles for strength, some volume thrown in too w/ less weight of course.
after I'm done w/ the bench:

skullcrushers: 6x6 (50lbs)
bicep dumbbell curls: 6x6 (30 - 35lbs in each hand)
overhead shoulder press 3x15 (70lbs)
wide-grip pull-ups 3x15 (usually only get 12 for my sets though)
dumbbell one arm rows 6x6 - 50-55lbs

I train calves every other day with 35lbs in my backpack and 100-120 reps of calf raises.

One day I week I do squats & deadlifts:

Squat: 10x10 w/ 120lbs.
Deadlift: 5/4/3/2/1 -- starting at 160 and going up by 25lbs for each set. I think my PR for Squats is about 260lbs (all the weights I have.)

After I follow this routine for about 2 more months, I'm probably going to switch it up to a simple 5x6 or 6x5 routine for squat, bench, and dead lifts. Using the same routine for bicep curls and OHP.

Any advice is appreciated! My goal by July is to hit 160lbs of bodyweight, 210lb single in the bench, 3x260 for deadlifts, and just get bigger quads/hams and calves.

Current progress:
Just a quick update, I've had to take a little break from my lifting due to wrist/tendon issues. I might just have to switch to weighted body-weight exercises until I can tell which lifts I can perform without hurting my wrist & forearm...It's my drawing hand too >:c

I think what really does it is EZ bar curls, but I'm not sure. I hit a 2RM PR of 100lbs before I felt a pain that definitely wasn't gains coming in.

It really sucks having medium-small joints, I'm not as durable as some of the bigger guys--hence why I want to put on mass and gain strength.

Drawing comes before lifting though, so I can be fine with just Push-ups, Pull-ups, BW Squats, and DLs.

I'm going to resume my lifts on Saturday 4/6-- by then I'm hoping my wrist and forearm will be in check.
Dem Gams!
A bear there was, a bear. A bear! All black and brown, and covered in hair.