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House of Flying Daggers is a group of friendly artists/students who meet every Friday over Google Hangouts at 9 pm EST (6 PST). We have a Google+ Group, Hangout and Livestream set up and a resource list to share as we progress over the course of our studies. (In the event the Google Hangout max capacity is reached we'll use Livestream for demos)

Weekly themes will be decided on every Friday and posted to the Partner/Group dailies forum under this thread. Daily studies focusing on the chosen topic are encouraged but not required. Essentially participation in the group will consist of (1) weekly paint and any accompanying sketches/WIPs and studies you create over the week.

About me: I'm an adult student artist who has done most of her study in charcoal and 3d, so I'm relatively new to painting in Photoshop. I am currently finishing my last semester of a 3d program, so I have some knowledge of Maya and Zbrush, though my intent now is to improve my painting skills so I can integrate what I know into a solid workflow. I formed this group for motivation/peer feedback. Very laid back sort of person and easy to get along with, feel free to PM me.


First Meeting: Friday, March 22, 9 PM EST.

(Should any one member or the group leader be absent, the sessions will continue as scheduled so as to keep group momentum going)


I'd be interested in joining a study group like this. I think the weekly themed challenge is a great idea.

About me: I work as a graphic designer in the publishing industry. I haven't done much art for myself since taking this job 3 1/2 years ago but I want to get serious again. I'm an illustrator at heart but I'd like to give concept art a try and see how it goes.

I'm posting from EST, btw.
Great, sent a pm :) Group is already set up, will be posting soon
Group name is House of Flying Daggers, thanks all who expressed interest and helped out :)


(03-12-2013, 01:13 PM)Kitsune Wrote: [ -> ]Group name is House of Flying Daggers, thanks all who expressed interest and helped out :)

I would like to join in, though that time is very late / early for me, so I might not be able to attend every time, but still it sounds like an awesome idea Insane, ecstatic


Ian here. Just checking in.
I may suggest using Google Hangouts or making one for the group as it seems smoother than Livestream and easier to set up.

Edit: Please apply to this Google+ community if you want to be added to the Hangout during our Friday meets
heeeey, sounds cool, if you find one free spot i'll be glad to join ;3
Can I join, it seems like a lot of fun and I never did something like this, preatty please?
Sure, please click on the Google community link
Just a reminder that the first meet is today in about an hour 30, over Google Hangouts.
Topic for next week will be a lesser-known mythological creature of your choice (humanoid), from both Eastern and Western mythology. Feel free to do portrait or full body.

Helpful tutorials this week:
Marta Dahlig Painting Faces

Librarian Speedpaint (over b/w value study)

Blocking in/Massing in Portrait Drawing

Please post any WIPs/studies and finished work here
For warmup exercises this week, try speed gesture drawings from Pixellovely of about 2-5 gesture drawings for male and female (each), no more than 2-5 minutes per gesture. If you have time, try doing 5-10 2 minute gestures of action poses.

Pay attention to negative space around the figure to gauge accuracy. To vary it up try mass/blocking rather than line or vice versa.
is it too late to join this group, would like to hop in from time to time
No, groups are always open!
For this week the exercise is to grab a still life photo (something simple with good lighting and vibrant color, fruit or vegetables are recommended) and eyeball the colors in Photoshop. Make a color study and post to the group thread. The mythological creature sketches can still be posted to the group.
Hi all,

Just wanted to update this group as I've been throwing a few ideas around.

I'd like to cover some more advanced topics as CD appears to have a sizeable number of professional artists who are serious about honing their craft. Likewise, we'd like to offer more advanced topics around which the group can focus their studies.

I have posted in the Google+ group about ecorche/intermediate to advanced anatomy and other relevant topics. Suggestions are welcome.
For this week we're focusing on anatomy studies (first doing a set of four anatomy studies then closer study of the torso) You can paint or use lineart, the general focus is on the muscle forms.

Please pick two male and two female photos from these examples (one front and one back of each)
only managed the 1 sorrys.

will keep at it. any crits are welcome :)


Would love to join the group, i sent in a request, my name is Ian Whittaker.

Looking forward to meeting you all and making some art together! :)
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