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[Image: 100heads.png]

[Image: selfportraits.png]

[Image: selfportrait.png]
I hope it's not too late to join this class.
This is what I've done so far..
[Image: PLCKsjG.jpg]
[Image: RNPPP7l.jpg]
[Image: qm2B68Y.jpg]
[Image: hm6T1K7.jpg]
[Image: GcLmh6n.jpg]
it is never too late as you learn for yourself first. and those skulls look fantastic, Eli!
Gotta work on lighting very soon!
[Image: pLfrGFP.jpg]

[Image: MUPmjA7.jpg]
Here's my 6 portraits with moodlighting and shitznitz and whatnot... I have no idea.
I tried my best D'x

[Image: mJxhVbh.jpg]
here's my third assignment...i prefer to re-draw the muscle face by myself without copy and paste from the example..just to study it better..and i choose angry and fear as expressions..
My results for the random word assignment. Quite enjoyed this one.

I'll leave out the three words I had chosen for me, for each drawing, until the stream tomorrow. See if you can tell what my words were.

[Image: An5Hdc2.jpg]

[Image: k5dR1DR.jpg]

[Image: JvDomWi.jpg]
I managed to quickly do 2 of them :)
One of them ended up not being human though... and its a portrait class... /fail hard

What a cool class! Thank you, helmighs, for posting all this! I can't wait to watch all the classes and do this! (Even though it's super late.)

First assignment:




Refs are grays anatomy (the book) and skull photos from t-tiger on DA.


Nice work, Tygerson, cannot wait to see what you make of the other assignments.
Some favorite actors/actresses. Bonus points for anyone who knows what they have in common.

I traced the portraits and added skulls, keeping it simple. I ended up looking at a lot of skulls from the site and reading the explanations there, cause the skull references I had didn't really seem to fit everyone's features.

ooo! ooo! serenity?

man, I so have to finish catching up at this =/ too little time in a day..
(07-10-2013, 06:01 AM)Jaik Wrote: [ -> ]ooo! ooo! serenity?

Yay! You got it!

Okay, and here is the next assignment. Facial muscles drawn from Human Anatomy for Artists by Szunyoghy and Feher.


Expression references came from about 30 different places, including wikipedia articles on specific muscles, plastic surgery sites, facial expression coding sites, written articles on physiological emotional responses, etc. It was fun.

Final 'master' portrait.

My own depiction of Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath, from Prince of Thorns.

[Image: iHh2oQ4.jpg]
Awesome--he looks really menacing with the skeletal eye sockets, torn up and scarred face, and lethal expression!

(08-07-2013, 10:58 PM)Craig Paton Wrote: [ -> ]Final 'master' portrait.

My own depiction of Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath, from Prince of Thorns.
Assignment 4 (phewf, it's finally done!)

Lineart of several very different people (which included open expressive mouths)

Full studies of three portraits given (This was hard--I normally work in black and white, then color. For all three I used straight color, no color picking, for the first time. Yay--new hurdle crossed!)


Quick portrait from the mind using colors from one of full studies

On to assignment 5!
Did anyone else find themselves making faces as they painted these?

And here are the emotions. I first did a generic face, straight on, to figure out the basics. Then did a different face for each emotion, trying to tilt the head appropriately. From imagination, though I'd glance at a CD every so often (using it as a mirror) to check stuff.

Sorry they are messy. It felt like gesture drawing--the fussier I got, the less expressive the face.


And the rest

Assignment 6, all emotions again. I was happiest with the scared one, and least thrilled with "joy." (Go figure.) I sure don't know how to construct a face, but did my best without ref. It helped to do a handful of sketches of each emotion with reference first, before going without.

Assignment 06, first 50 or so heads. Used some loose reference.


And second 50 heads, loosely referenced from here and there.

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