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post finals and studies for bloodsport 14 below!
[Image: humanvormversion2.jpg]

[Image: beastmaster.png]

Studies :

[Image: studies.jpg]


[Image: references.jpg]
Here's my finals and studies. Hope I'll get to be in critiques! good luck everyone!



[Image: qHTxJUZ.jpg]
[Image: cRbvoYV.jpg]
[Image: nw0OBfn.jpg]
Human form:
[Image: final%201.png]

Beast form:
[Image: final%202.png]

comp sketchs
[Image: comp%201.png]


[Image: study%201.png]

[Image: study%202.png]

[Image: study%203.png]

[Image: study%204.png]

[Image: HJPaVpE.png]

character final

[Image: Aa89tKS.jpg]

character sketches, once i decided to go for the octopus i was torn between going for a feudal japan design with elements from the fisherman's wife tale or roman design with elements of the god neptune, went roman in the end

[Image: K72fhHy.png]
Hello Crimson Daggers,

My name is Roy Ugang from Cebu City, Philippines and this is my entry for the bloodsports challenge. Its my version of a Filipino Mythical Creature known as Bakunawa. She was a beautiful sea maiden at first, but her fascination and obsession with the beauty of the moon's shine has turned her into a Beast. She rose above the ocean and swallowed the moon causing an eclipse. High tides emerged in the oceans, that ravaged the lands and took innocent lives with it.

Best Regards,

Roy Ugang
[Image: feather.jpg]
[Image: PawHand.jpg]
[Image: EagleHead.jpg]
[Image: BacklitWings.jpg]
[Image: poses.jpg]
[Image: RipRef.jpg]
[Image: HeadConcepts.jpg]
[Image: Concepts.jpg]
[Image: Griff1B_Sm.jpg]
[Image: Griff2_Sm.jpg]
[Image: Jeshua_Gryffn_Card_Set.jpg]

So... for the first time in over a decade, my site ran out of bandwidth, so here are these images only reposted, though not necessarily in the same order.

[Image: jeshuagryffncardset.jpg]
[Image: griff1bsm.jpg]
[Image: griff2sm.jpg]
[Image: backlitwings.jpg]
[Image: conceptsd.jpg]
[Image: eagleheadt.jpg]
[Image: featherzu.jpg]
[Image: headconcepts.jpg]
[Image: pawhand.jpg]
[Image: posest.jpg]
Here is my first ever BloodSport entry. I have learnt more on this brief than loads of my usual directionless doodles so I thank you earnestly for a great brief, and above all a great portal for development and critique.






[Image: 23jpetd.jpg]
[Image: td2_zpsff900d3e.jpg]
[Image: RincoP_zpsdfc35983.jpg]
Maximilian The Compassionate

[Image: knightfinal.jpg][Image: unifinal.jpg]
[Image: allstudies.jpg]
My finals! Well done all Daggers :-D

Hyena Huntress!



[Image: beastmasters14illu1finalvar2_zps868b70d6.jpg]

[Image: beastmasters14illu2final_zps13bfe659.jpg]

[Image: studiesandcomps_zpsb67d51bc.jpg]

[Image: FilipIlu-charactercreatureandweapondesig...72df5b.jpg]
beast warriors.

[Image: wip3_zpscfc76512.jpg]

[Image: secondfinal_zps3e56e790.jpg]

[Image: studies_zpsb9074161.jpg]
Not happy with it and needs more work but its what I have, this was an awesome round and I learned so much from it. I give you the Louse! Will definatly finish tweaking this one out and get it really polished to look better. Goodluck everyone and great stuff!

Edit: I finished tweaking the final touches the other day and decided to upload this one up. I just felt like sharing with everyone the update I may get disqualified but its alright it was about learning! :D
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