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Full Version: Realistic face attempt!
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Hey this week I decided to try creating a realistic face, on the one hand I drew the structures trying to paint it realisticly, but then I decided to bring a blue lightsource, what did confuse me, for not only my weak knowledge, but also for having almost no references of how it would react!
Ignoring the flaws, I've got some bigger issues, such as painting noses and bringing the face lines without aging my character too much! I hope you guys can help me!
Thank u!^^/

[Image: The-real-me-ALMOST-365731169?q=gallery%3Amarkdotea&qo=0]
(link in case it doesn't work: )
your links dont seem to work.
but maybe you are talking about this one:

If you have trouble rendering something complex (like a human face) usually helps a lot to understand the underneath structure of the subject.
In this case, your face. Well then, start drawing, forgot about painting for now.
Think in 3d, think about your skull, your nose and ears, ec... as geometrical forms.
This is fundamental to stop drawing "what do you think you are seeing" and start drawing "what do you really see"

And once you have a clear, nice drawing with the structure of your head and face, then you can start with the painting.

Also, better start in black and white, so you can concentrate in getting your values right.

Keep working! :)


Thank you, I'll try it!
I also tried fixing the links!