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Full Version: Material studies, am Im doing right?
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Well, since last saturday I started making a material study on a weekly basis, a gather some material take some pictures, and based on them I make a still nature, not copying the photo but basing myself on it!
The first one, I used the colorpicker to study the colors and the second was almost done by eye! I'm not very used to material studies, and both of them were under daylight.
I see some studies play with different lightsources, but It's hard for me to do so in my lil apartament!
Well, I wanted u to help me, what am I'm doing right and what's the next step, any tips?

[Image: material_study_and_pikimin_by_markdotea-d61l5vi.jpg]

[Image: pikimin_in_a_still_nature_by_markdotea-d62eatr.jpg]

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When doing a material study you are mainly concerned with the way the material reflects/absorbes light. Plastiic, metal, ceramic an orange, in your study they all look like the same material, chrome will have sharp lines while most plastics will diffuse the light and look softer. In your next study don't just think of "light" but think "texture". One last thing, your pieces are very monochromatic, take your time and look for the color.

Look forward to seeing more.

My best advice is to start doing still life practice of the material over taking pictures (if at all possible)

in my experience the way you will see the object will be completely different than only using the image you take of the object.

good luck :D


Thank you very much guys! I'll try it out next time!