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Full Version: Madame Hélice de la Mare
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All righty piece! Any feedback is always much appreciated.

[Image: Madame-H%C3%A9lice_final.jpg]
Here's the piece again, post-feedback (mostly from the Team Awesome Facebook group)!

[Image: Madame-H%2525C3%2525A9lice_WM_CamilleSwi...imgmax=800]
Nice and ever so slightly creepy! I feel that the perspective of the wall and the figure doesn't quite match up, I think it's partly the way her gown drapes down in such a structured way and the fact that I'm not sure if she's kneeling or if she is supposed to have knees etc. The whole thing doesn't reinforce the perspective, even though it may not be technically wrong.

I find the reflection in the glass too similar in hue and saturation that especially around her head they merge. I'd be tempted to shift the tint a bit or darken it somewhat to make it clearer what is reflection and what is her..

Overall it is rendered almost equally all over the piece which doesn't really give us a lot of resting spots and makes the focal point less obvious. Maybe a bit of vignetting would help this and tie in with the slightly period nature in her design. I also find the texture and rendering you used for the wallpaper noticeably crisper and sharper compared to the rest of the rendering, so it sticks out a tiny bit more than it probably should. Lighting could be a bit more obvious..if this is supposed to be underwater and not just her sitting next to a tank I guess the light would be a bit more shifted towards the cool than how you have it. Just to reiterate what is going on.
Hope that helps
Thanks, Monkeybread! It's been a while since I logged in here, and for some reason, I didn't receive an email when you commented! At any rate, you're feedback is always appreciated, and I completely agree with you on a lot of your points. I don't plan on revisiting this piece (since I did it back in May!), but I will keep your critique in mind for my next pieces. Also, why is the first image I posted the same as the final...this is weird. I wonder if the first link somehow updated itself? I know I did make revisions. Thinking