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Full Version: slow hand ~ Andrew Ken's sketchbook
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Hey guys!

Here is my sketchbook. I'll be posting here daily until the end of July, we'll see how the work improves : )

imagination painting from today. I don't have much practice working from imagination directly into mass/form/colour, i'm more of a line person


did some more on this


and this


did a new one


tried some imagination gestures


its late
master study 1st pass, the artist is Frederic Church

WOW you are really good with painting !keep it up
thanks aangkat

a few more today

these are my first serious attempts at making digital paintings from imagination in a single sitting, colour and composition have always been a difficult mystery to me. i'm currently doing noah bradley's art camp, which is helping me a lot.



colour comps
it's amazing how quickly one can learn by doing these


work in progress


been busyw ith work stuff
and some work on a big personal piece that i wont post until its done :)
some more

finished the still-life and did some master studies, which aren't complete yet.

the portraits are self portraits done by leonard da vinci and rembrant. while doing the rembrant one, i found out how useful it is to blur ones vision in order to see the blocks of colour clearer, especially around the face and the different variations that produce the 3d-form effect. any of you guys doing painting who don't regularly blur your vision might want to try it out. i tried painting *while* my eyes were blurred, and it was surprising how much it helps with certain things.

i still need to fix the proportions and layout of the facial features for both of them..




and this is my first acrylic to not totally suck, this is a study of an artist who i don't know the name of unfortunately.

getting a little better at this
i worked with solid colours for as long as i could before getting out the opacity brush and light blending

Hey, hey! Thanks for the crit on my sketchbook. Very cool studies, keep them coming :)
thanks and no prob petyo, you're welcome for the crit, i just hope it was helpful

I've been doing some self portrait stuff, over the past few days, it's very hard and i'm terrible at it.
Here are ten rough blocks, and I look like ten different people. I'm getting better at structuring and proportioning the face correctly though. Drawing faces is something I need lots of help with so if someone has any crits or advice or can see what knowledge I'm lacking that could help me, please do share.


and i tried an imagination one, took a lot of refining to make it appear more or less correct:


any flaws in the facial anatomy that stand out?
aye more master study


tried another imagination pic

i did some of suzanne helmigh's head practice:

I have to say, your sketches are pretty cool and unique, like the ones in your first few posts. I'd like to see some of them fleshed out more, I think they would turn out really interesting. Keep it up man
woo! nice! on the right track man.
have you given Loomis' heads and hand book? theres some great stuff in there! you could benefit form it.
and doing imagination pieces after the master studies is a nice way to put to test what you learned
pnate: thanks man. i really want to flesh them out sometime, thanks for the comment!
aragah: thanks! i do have the book, i was looking through it before doing the last few studies. certainly something i want to do much more of. i agree with the importance of doing imagination work after study work.

parts of an imagination piece i'm working on


looks like you are developing a cool style, and those gestures from imagination on your first post are crazy, i like them.
Also, good work on the self portraits. Just keep rocking with those studies, but i´m wouldnt mind to see more sketches like the ones in your first posts. :)
Hey aks!
I'd like to say that I generally like your work. From the studies my favourite is one posted in post #4 I guess. You have cool colour pallette in all your paintings and I like your style.
I'd really like to see fully rendered colour illustration from you!
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