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Full Version: Meet the mechanic
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Hey guys!
I have been working on this image here for the last days. I tried to take a lot of time for the rendering to learn stuff and to push it, but I`m actually not happy with the design at all :/ The point is that I need a few images to put in an internship application and as I usually just do studies I don´t have any work up to date. As the application has to be finished in a few days and as I still have one or two images to go, I had to try to push it through, otherwise I would have wasted three whole days of rendering/drawing plus two days of turn around drawing.
With the next one I`ll plan stuff more carefully before I start working on it!!
Anyway I´d really love to hear your opinion about it! :)
I wanted him to be a sci fi mechanic guy who works in a hot engine room of a spaceship.
If you can find the time to leave any crits, comments or advices I´d really appreciate it. :)