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Full Version: Critique or Comments?
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What do yall think?




What exactly would you like a critique on for these? Do you consider them finished pieces or are they WIP? Would help to know to be able to give you a useful critique.


Hey man. I would consider these finished but I'm not quite sure. I've only been painting for 4-5 months now and just curious if my work is looking good or if I can push them further.

The Bruce Lee drawing was just for fun to put up btw lol
Ok cool, and congrats on sticking with it for the 4-5 months and I hope to see you here for the next 4-5 :).

For the crit, I asked about if they were finished or not because in my opinion none of the above images are in a finished state and I really believe you could push them more.

I think the main issue with them is your use of edges, everything seems to be done with the soft brush (also I think you could def push the bruce lee a lot further and it would make a nice piece). going in and beginning to carve out and define some forms and focal points with some hard edges could help to improve the 2 colour pieces. Also everything is very warmish toned in them, bringing in a low opacity soft light /colour layer and putting some cool colour in the shadows and warm in the lights or vice versa could also help the images pop more.

Hope that was of some help to you :)