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Full Version: Yoko Littner
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Hey Daggers! I recently finished this fanart piece and I'd love to get some advice from more experienced eyes on how it could be improved.

I'm mainly looking for advice on color choices, painting technique/execution, and composition. Of course if you come up with some advice outside these topics I'm hankering to hear it. Let the critiques fly!!!
only thing i would say is that im confused why if the sun is behind her, the lighting is from the right, and the shadow is blue? the shadow is generally the colour of the ambient light, in this case a hot pink, and the lgiht would be a strong yellowy orange.
also, it may be just me but i wish her legs were a bit smoother, they look too pinched and swollen at the moment in my opinion. sorry to come across harsh, i love the character that you have conveyed here so great work, i couldnt do that! very nice.
all the best!
No no, sound as harsh as you please, it helps :D

Here's my explanation for the light direction, I drew the lineart planning for light coming from the right then came up with the circle behind her (well, really what I added was everything around the circle to work as a framing element) It was just a graphic design choice that was reminiscent of the sun, which works thematically with the character, but it's not actually supposed to be the sun.
Confusing, I know. Midway through this I realized how weird it is to be painting a character with a background that isn't actually what the environment looks like.
i don't think it broke the piece, but I probably won't do something like that again.
Her right leg (her right) looks broken because it doesn't seem to match up with the direction of her pelvis. And I agree with Ward about (her right leg, at least) looking swollen.

The first issue can be fixed just by moving the knee to face the viewer more, not too much would have to be redrawn.

The second just comes from redoing the way her legging looks on her right leg, I think. It looks a little too tight on that leg.
Spot on observations! I've learned at least 2 things already!
a. draw a skeleton to check that all the bones are int he right place before starting the lineart
b. don't publish before getting critiques DX
I was too lazy to go in and paint the shadows again. So I changed the background to cool! I think this actually works a lot better and past me is an idiot for not seeing it.
[Image: tumblr_mrlhqiSSgm1rjgrozo1_1280.png]
one thing that bother me in a art work are pure straight line and even more when it in the hair section .Someone said to me one time there is no line in the nature only humain put line if you do something organic it better to use curve line it ok for objet to have straight line.
Hey man,

The drawing looks great
As for paints, I think it'd be better if you pushed the roundness of the legs and such a bit more.
Also add some rim light. In the end it depends how far you wanna go with this one.

Hope that helps!