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Full Version: Mechs
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Heyo, I just created my profile and this is my second post in here ;D (If the introduction counts..)

I decided I should just go ahead and post some things. I appreciate any critique or comment, please, feel free to be as harsh as you want, because that`s the best way for me if I am to improve! Thank you in advance,

This one is considered *detailed*, because that`s probobly as far as I can go digitally
[Image: trooper_72_by_enruin-d6i0co6.png]

This one is considered *rough*
[Image: mech_41_by_enruin-d6io2lf.png]
the first image not sure if it intented but the arm seem less atlethic then the rest of the body also for me it seem like it would be impossible to fit in that suit for any human without any special technology.Finaly not a pro of edge but i bet you can still polish that.
I'd suggest you check the placement of the lower legs and feet in the second image. Flipping your canvas is invaluable to check this kind of things. To me the feet seem to be pointing in a too wide angle away from the body.
@darktiste, no, it wasn`t intended, it`s just a mistake :D I just didn`t start it off with a clear idea. I know I got the proportions wrong in a way, his hip is wide in comparison to his shoulders, and the arms are thin... you`re right about that a human wouldn`t fit in the suit ;D to be honest I intended it to have a more robotic look and not suit type but it looks like it turned out to feel humanish.

@JBZ, yes you`re right about the legs. One doesn`t even need flipping to see that! ? :D

Thank you guys, I appreciate it!


For the fur flow: Just retexture the leg and/or redraw it entirely.