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Full Version: Freddy
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Morning Brothers and Sisters!

This is my first official post to the forums after lurking for a few years.

Down to brass tacks. I've been working on a Freddy piece for the pure joy of it (I don't typically have time to work on my own stuff, but that's changing this year.)

I'm at a point where I need a set of fresh eyes and ask for your help! I'm torn between a low or high blue back light. I think the low one allows for a more interesting rim light...I dunno.

The glove needs a lot of work as well. I've been holding off on it.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

[Image: Freddy_51.jpg]
[Image: Freddy_41.jpg]

-Jon Alderink
Maybe more shadows under his hat's rim, and I'd put the edge lights around him, if there is such a strong back light..
I'd try reversing the pose of his hand so the claws are pointing back towards his face instead of out of the image.


Huh. I'll have to do a little "draw over" to see how I like it. Hadn't thought of trying that!