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Hey there, here's my sketchbook. Looking to fill this one up big time.

Here are some of my latest studies. Been painting the figure a lot lately. Seems like I'm in need of painting some males lol.

Feedback always welcomed/appreciated!

[attachment=32389] [attachment=32390] [attachment=32391] [attachment=32392] [attachment=32393] [attachment=32394] [attachment=32395] [attachment=32396] [attachment=32397] [attachment=32398] [attachment=32399]

Images too big. Doh! Won't make that mistake again!
More work from this past week. Playing with a cartoony style.

Been a while since I last posted.

A snippet of some of the stuff I've been working on.

Foundations Practice


Personal/Sketches (The Nostromo Piece is a WIP)

More goodies.

Here's an update of a char I made earlier this year.

Hell yeah man!
Your sketchbook is off to a great start - looking awesome and you're pumping out loads and loads of work!
Looking forward seeing you progress even more, keep it up -!
Thank you very much smrrfette!