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Full Version: Farvus' Sketchbook
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You might know me from forums. I posted there few years ago. Unfortunately I changed password to my account there and then forgot it :P. Can't get it back but this place looks equally good. I miss posting in sketchbook so here it is.

Short info about myself.. My name is Marek, I'm from Poland and I'm 30 years old. I work as 2d artist in game company that creates casual games.

Here's my latest personal stuff.

Color experiments


Heya dude! Welcome to Crimson Daggers :D
Too bad about conceptart, but this place is equally as cozy and motivational!
Really nice start to your sketchbook! I especially like that sci-fi street sketch, feels very lived in. Gives my imagination some material to work with and that's always nice.
Hope you keep posting mate!
Bjulvar - Thanks! Luckily I managed to recover the password but maybe let's try different place :).

Some environments.

This one has a lot of photos used.

Life studies from my trip to Fuerteventura.

Some other studies done with HTC tablet.

Latest environments.
I really like the environment with aliens.
denikina - Thanks!

Some anatomy studies.




Homeworld style spaceship sketch.

Wow awesome stuff in here man! Keep posting!
Hypnagogic_Haze - Thanks! I will :).

Random robot ideas for fun.

Drawing clothes on top of nude model sketch to get better at drawing different fabric.

Landscape study from Google Street view.

A little bit of face proportion practice.


Bunch of hand studies from various references.

Character sketch from imagination.

Danny Martinez - That's cool! Thanks for dropping by.

I'm not entirely happy with this piece but I got tired of improving it forever. Gotta move on.

Random robot ideas.

Mirror mode sketching in Alchemy just to relax.

Two hours of doodling. Used one layer and one brush for most of the piece beacause I'm lazy :/

Something simple today.

Simple sci-fi interior. I treat this as warmup to something more advanced.

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