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Full Version: Image Viewing for Unregistered Users
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Here goes,

I think it'd be cool for unregistered users to be able to view images we've uploaded to our sketchbooks/threads?

Hopefully it wouldn't take too much effort to do, but yeah.

What do you guys think?
Okay, I opened it up for now so everyone can see the forums uploaded attachments. The only thing I'm afraid of, is bandwidth issues. We'll see how it goes, because I don't want to ask for donations from starving artists, such as myself.

The reason I had it so only registered viewers could see attachments using the forum uploader, was to reduce bandwidth consumption, while at the same time providing a free uploading service.

You just have to see it from my perspective, because I am the only one who has to worry about this sort of thing and I want to keep this place as free and open as possible.
Thank you Dennis!

But yeah, I completely understand. If it becomes too much - reverting it back to default is absolutely fine. :)