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Full Version: Boobs'n raptor WIP
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Heya daggers,
long time since my last post Blushing

So I'm doing this piece for personal practice and fun.

I just wanted to draw a girl on a raptor, (boobs and raptors, best painting subjects ever, I'm sure we'll all agree...), so the composition of the image is not of the utmost research... I spent something like ten minutes on the comp before going on with that and not trying to do something a little more narrative... Maybe next time.

As the titles says, that's a wip, I planned the basics values and shadows on the characters, as some quick values on the back and foreground... I don't even have a definite colors scheme in mind yet, something like sunset on the jungle, warm colors from the sun coming from the right, cool blue/greenish colors on the left... But I'll try to have a general atmosphere on the piece....

Any C&C welcomed. I'll keep posting here with my advance on the piece, (hopefully Tongue )

Looks pretty kewwwl. Is she going to be holding something up in her left hand?
Oh yeah, she'll be holding a spear in the left hand.
Okaaaaaaaaaay, after like 6 freaking mounths not touching this, I took time and finished it!!! Bomb

Painting a full-blown illustration from self's mind is hard as hell, lemme tell ya! Shock

[Image: XYVQbgL.jpg]

So yeah, a ton of stuff I'm not too happy with this, but I'm at a point where I think I should call it done and start some new works.
Edge control, brush work, values, colors, hell that's a lot of hard stuff... I had in mind that "golden hour" feeling but it turns out it's ultra hard to paint. I didn't push enough the golden light effect, I believe.

But yeah. Move on, do some new work! Wisecracker

C&C welcome, of course!