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Full Version: Critique needed
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Hey everyone,

I'm new here, my names Ethan, this'll be my first post. I've never received any sort of art lesson or anything but I've always wanted to try get in to it. I've only every really mucked about before. Anyway, I finally had a go after looking up stuff and watching some videos and to be honest I'm not quite sure what to think...I know something (probably many things) is wrong but I don't know what and I was wondering if you could help me :) Anything'll be much appreciated.


Thanks a bunch,

P.S. It's not exactly finished, as you'll see.
work on the proportion of the face first

here is a link to some pdf learning book
here is a link to my youtube playlist if you need more resource
Human and humanoid faces are more oval. You need to make the top of that head narrower, because right now it is too triangular. Like smrrfette said, first thing for you is to research about proportions of heads. Get some anatomy books, someone here recommended this to me: Andrew Loomis Figure Drawing for All Its Worth, and this one I own is also good to read is Figure Drawing: Design and Invention Perfect by Michael Hampton.



Thank you both so much, really helps! Awesome I actually got replies :P

Thanks again,