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Full Version: How could I push this ?
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I guys !

Yesterday I started doodling and 3 hours later, i found myself with the picture I'm presenting to you. I just wanted to work on a portrait from memory and that's what came out.

I was wandering how could I improve the portrait ? I know I have to work on refining the features (ears, nose, mouth, hair) but before doing that I really wanted to stop at that point and seek a critique from you.

So here it is

Looks pretty cool so far, I would bring it all down a little on the canvas so his head isn't cut off at the top. Also, His eyes don't seem to have the same perspective as his nose and chin do. I would either make them look like they are pointing upwards or downwards, because right now they are kind of just looking straight (which might be fine if it was a square canvas).

Some harsher/darker shadows might be nice along with some brighter rim lighting. if your painting in black and white it is important to accentuate the lights and darks because there is no color to break things apart.

Hope that helps.
Thanks JJ ! Something looked odd and I think it might be the eyes.

Thanks a lot for the return !
JJ is right there, the main problem IMO is that the ears-chin- mouth-nose area is drawn from a different viewing angle than the eyes-forehead area. Check the planes of the head, possibly on an asaro head, that always helps! I also think his ears are a bit too big.. On a composition level, his head being cut off is not a good idea, he is the main element of the picture after all, and though that blood-drip graphical element on the bottom is a good idea, it 1. brings the "gravity" of the picture way up 2. creates the biggest contrast which brings the eye off the focal point (eyes/face)
I did a quick overpaint if you don't mind, just to show you what I mean. Hope it helps :)

Thank Kaffer !

I tried to work on what you and JJ said and modified quite a bit of my image

Here it is, more polished and with some colors. I have to work on the eyes again, they are not quite right yet but I think I am getting there.

What do you think ?

Your lighting is off a tad, but it's easily fixed by working on a face study with the right lighting.

Also you are dipping to black too often and it is flattening your image.
Thanks Mike ! Much Appreciated ! I'll try to fix that
Here's a new update :

I finally found an angle for this illustration. I resized it and changed the light source. I worked on the eyes, nose and lips and added texture.

Tell me what you think !

Here's a little update on my image.

Any thoughts or critique ? I'd really appreciate another point of view. Thanx

Whoa! The first and the last one look like they were done by different artistis. Congrats on the HUGE level up on this work, Lloyken.

Meybe the nose could be fixed? I think it doesn't match the rest of the face.
Thanx Rognoll !

I struggle with the nose from the beginning... I'll refine that tomorrow !
Ok, I think I'm done ! Tell me what you think !

Yeah, seeing the first one then this one is just impressive, and makes me happy for you and want to paint something too! Good job man!
Thanks a lot Meat ! Your answer really made my day ! See you soon for a new painting !