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Full Version: What do I need to improve
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woop woop
Take this with a grain of salt because I'm a beginner and a fool.

That being said this reminds me of the days when I started so maybe it will be helpful.

I looked through your sketchbook and I see a lot of half-finished studies and unpolished imaginary pieces. The one you have here is the same, the face looks ok-ish (although the teeth are really sketchy), but everything else is very, very rough to the point where it's hard to tell what is going on.

It feels like you are not really pushing yourself to the edge of your ability. Your sketchbook has the same feel. You do a few pen sketches then a careful value still life then imaginary half finished monsters then anatomy, then you jump to color.

Why not dedicate a month to studying just still life digital painting, so you can really immerse yourself in that way of thinking, then apply that knowledge with a really careful piece testing what you learned.

This study of a skull looks pretty good.

[Image: 15wcw8x.png]

Look at this study, then at your monster. Why does the skull read better? What did you do to get such sharp edges? Can you do the same on the teeth of the monster? Those little ridges add so much detail to the skull, could you maybe give the monster such small ridges to make it look more "real"?

Put in the same amount of hours, work and care and push yourself.

Just my 2 cents.