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Full Version: Critique Needed
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I am still new in digital art, so I need some critique of what i shall improve on my art.
Also idk if the anatomy is good.
The over all proportions are not bad. Hes about 8 heads tall but you need to focus construction of the gesture and understanding the 3D forms of the body in perspective. I suggest watching Prokos videos on youtube starting with this video

After you've done LOTS of gestures then move on to drawing basic forms. Its very important to not get ahead of yourself. Always start with a basic gesture and build on top with cylinders, boxes and spheres. After that the details will just fall into place much easier for you.

Also practicing figures regularly at this site
Hello Jarvis!

The first thing that catches my eye is that his pose feels unbalanced. If he uses the cane to support his weight, the pose gives the impression that he is about to fall.

I think that the best way to make a natural pose is to find a cane and a mirror and see how your body moves.
Is the shadow and the white aura on a separate layer? If so make them come in contact with the figure himself, so he doesn't have this grey halo of background color surrounding him. Especially the shadow need to be in contact with his feet, and where it is closest to his point of contact (feet and cane) to the shadow receiving surface (ground), the shadow will be the darkest, then fading out further and further.

You can also add shadow under his coat like you did with his vest.