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Yesss Join us Smrff! We used to have a sort of curriculum, It's kind of just posting whatever daily studies you do now. Encourages one another to keep on learning none the less!

Recording for the still life Gotta work on keeping my tones simple
Double-study time mutha-fukkas!

[Image: 15328399082_926596d8d9_b.jpg]
I... Have returned!

With a photo study...
[Image: Femalenude1_zpsdd44fb52.jpg]

And yeah Smrrfette, join us! O.O

[Image: AN-AMERICAN-GIRL-IN-ITALY-1951-1-C29718.jpg]
[Image: stilllife4_zps3448dc15.jpg]
[Image: 15315654216_f3292a216d_b.jpg]
[Image: Femalenude2_zps529e06aa.jpg~original]
[Image: 15355149955_2721f869cf_b.jpg]
Quick one.

[Image: stilllife5_zpsa5e9081a.jpg~original]
need to get faster and manage my time a little better; in 1/2 the amount of time. gross.

lol Jonas, your image got banned for being too N3kkid; I use flickr.
[Image: 15187601327_8328c7e749_b.jpg]
[Image: 15199167897_4f9ca7e2c6_b.jpg]
Censoring naked bodies on the internet in 2014... come on Photobucket.

photo study
[Image: armorstudy_zps4e2616af.jpg~original]
still life
[Image: stilllife6_zps4d9d425a.jpg~original]
[Image: armorapplication_zpse49d8a1c.jpg~original]
Daily studies and some advice for you homies
... A wild smrrfette appears!

daily portrait studies
daily gestures
daily still life

great work everyone, thanks for the motivation to keep up with daily studies!!

P.s. y'all are hilarious xD
only managed these for study today D:


gonna apply the lighting study in a sketch now, let's keep up!
Recording here (got split up)


Recording part 2

Recording part 3

Daily gesturesssss - blocking in. (note2s: proportion studies tomorrow)

Daily still life (gotta apply)
Lets dooo it! nice still life studies Smrr.

Going to be doing a daily livestream while studying to stay focused. I'll be streaming life studies 10am daily.

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