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Full Version: Gold-Hoarding Crow (WIP)
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Hey, guys! I've been working on this crow and I'd really appreciate some critiques/tips before I push this piece any further.
dropping this if it can help try to work on the layer of feather and the roundness of the head if you use only one color in the center of a form it will indicate that it flat also try to find the color of the lightsource and add more color to the range of color you use
Awesome! Thank you, Darktiste!
What darktiste said + could be cool to make it a bit darker and make the gold shine more, almost like it's giving light. And some contrasting color temperatures always work fine aswell.
Also I'd round off the top part of the beak a bit. and pronunciate the pupil some more

Hope it helps.
Again, thank you for the advice guys. You've been a huge help. I'll try to make the changes and post it as soon as possible. (: