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Full Version: recruiting : members for a study group!
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hello people of crimson daggers.
me and my fellow friend are looking for hard working , creative fueled , inspired and aspiring fellow artists who would like to be in a study group , we already have our curriculum planned out for this year and we are starting this month with the basics of perspective. complete with assignments , every week we shall tackle different subjects and topics and work our way up to a point of taking studies with specific subject matter and themes to improve each others visual library.

assignments and lectures are posted here in a google + event
Assignment #1

our blogspot site - here you can see the curriculum overview as well as calendar for scheduled hangouts. we might also archive the assignments result in here

hope you guys can join in the fun!
Hey Foxfire, I'm interested in joining, but what if one doesn't put up all assignments, i ques that would just be ones own loss right? :)
it's been a while since i've been in an art group and i've recently started talkin to the voices in my head because of a lack of people to talk to so for the sake of my own degrading sanity i'm up for joining :P.
In all seriousness though yeah i'm up for joining, be fun to join an art group again.