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Full Version: Plagiarism ??
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How do you know if someone takes your artwork from this, I just dont want to get ripped off, I like to be ask and I more likely to say Yes. I'm not saying people have done it, just out of cautiousness and curiosity. In deviant art they allow you to put a transparent text in front of it.

Question is How do I make sure some dodge explicit person won't steal? :D
You essentially can't, but you are protected as the creator of your original piece of art ( you own the rights to your personal work so are legally protected from someone stealing it), big game companies and studios won't do this as they employ artists for their ideas and abilities they won't tell those artists to go and use someone elses work.

There is also the factor of if your art is well known enough (I'll use dave rapoza's turtle images as an example) So if someone took one of dave's ninja turtle images and tried to pass it off as their own you can bet someone will know who the originator is and will call the person who is claiming it is theirs out on it and the message will probably get back to dave who can then request the person stop.

Also any artist with integrity would not take someone else's work and claim it as their own as art work is extremely personal to the creator so they wouldn't want to take someone elses work.

I don't think you need to really worry about it, just concentrate on improving and working on your ideas :).
Its difficult to help people get over that fear, because it's an understandable one when you're new to the internet.

The copyright thing is actually true. At least in the US, a creation is legally copyrighted to it's creator the second it gets made. It sounds weird, but it's true.

Here's a more humbling (self-depreciating) way to think about it. If artists as good as Dave Rapoza and Noah Bradley don't seem to worry about that kind of thing happening, what reason do WE have to worry? Goodness knows that a thief would rather steal THEIR stuff, wouldn't they? So clearly there's not as much to worry about on our part.

And maybe it helps to really think about the scenario you're dreading in your head.

What kind of person would want to steal your art and claim it as their own? What would they do with it? It's VERY unlikely it'll be anything worth worrying about.

The worst you'll get is some pathetic internet loser hoping to get some kind of miniscule recognition from a group of their peers, only to be figured out, and usually very quickly. The second anyone pretends to have a skill, they'll have to prove it one way or another.

If you're worried about some company swiping your work and somehow making big profit off of it, no successful company can ever get away with it, the companies that would do it are tiny and insignificant, and also go back to the Rapoza example. Do you really think your art is worth stealing right now?

I know it sounds rude, but it was the question I asked myself when I first started posting my stuff on the internet over a decade ago. The longer I used the internet, the more amazing artists I've discovered through the internet who would logically have a better reason to fear art thieves than I would, the more I realized how silly that initial fear was.

There's nothing to worry about. The internet seems big and scary, but the things that you SHOULD fear about the internet don't involve art thieves.
I wasn't saying my art was worth, I know its not worth anything(It's really bad), I'm just a newbie to this forum and I believe I am fine putting up stuff now, since getting to see other people putting stuff up here.