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Full Version: How to Draw study group?
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Since it seems the How to Draw book by Scott Robertson's is the new thing, why not make a study group thread where we can go through each exercise together? Not sure how people would want to do it. I was thinking do an exercise a week and post what we did and discuss what we learned or questions we might have.


Ok lets try it. What's your skype?
Sounds good! But I can't promise full commitment on my end, pretty busy with work. I'm going through the book slowly at my own pace and it's an ongoing thing for me :)
I dont have skype but I might download it later. I'll just start a thread and we can post what ever we're working on. Keep it free form and simple so its not like a major commitment for anyone. Im pretty busy myself so Ill be posting what little I can.
Cool, that works too!