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Full Version: Atmospheric Perspective Study
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So in light of some previous critiques, I've decided to do a series of studies on certain elements which need work. The first of which I've included here. One issue I began to question was the idea of rationing saturation. In the image below everything in the foreground is fairly saturated, but if I were to try to ration it, I found that many of the colors would match those in the background elements thus hurting the perception of depth. Is it a good idea to ration saturation at all in light of this?

I also wanted to hone in on a more bold, alla primaish style which could blend in with some opacity alteration (i.e. in the atmosphere) and hope I was able to accomplish that, but any critiques on that would also be appreciated.

Thanks all!
you can get away with tiny levels of saturation and still achieve great depth, its all about values.
for example, check out these:

I especially love that last one because hes used a beautifully limited palette but it looks fantastic and really pulls focus to the one focal element in it. Spotlighting saturated parts works really well, for example:

I would do a bunch of studies from these kinds of paintings, or ones that inspire you which play with saturation (not photos i know, but i have learnt a lot learning how to copy a pallette or technique). Above all, keep a layer on color setting, and fill the whole thing black. That will make a switch on/off monochrome layer so you can see only values- this will help a lot in keeping that atmospheric perspective while being able to use less saturated colours in the fore/midground. Nice study btw, you're on the right track for sure.
Keep going! Hope that helped.
Those were all great! And I especially love "Camp in the Swamp", I think that would be perfect to do a study of it. Its funny that you mention doing a study off of other artwork as opposed to pictures. I just did this one off of the Witcher 2, hoping to get something from the composition, lighting and usage of color. What do you think?
yeah awesome man! i did a bunch of studies from lord of the rings and game of thrones, really helpful. nice job bro, keep going :)
Always great to see studies being done.

Looking at how other artists in history have handled atmospheric perspective is a good stepping stone. The thing to remember is that everything in art is relative. So there is no real right way to do anything. Usually the easiest way to make sense of it is to look at nature, look at how other artists have done it and try to get in their head and find out WHY they did it (this is probably the most important step), then translate nature with your own unique voice, which is usually a combination of your inspirations.

For specific examples of atmospheric perspective, my favorite is Bierstadt, or any of the Hudson River school of art.

Specifically the mountains on the left. They are both dark and saturated, but they still look like they are further in the distance than the foreground.
Thanks Jaik!

I had seen the Hudson River school recommended before but had yet to check it out. So refreshing to see that amount of detail without use of photo textures!! I think Jaime Jones probably spent alot of time with them too. Definitely wouldn't mind unraveling their thought process!