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Full Version: Path to Lycia thumbnails
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Hey all!

These are some thumbnails I've been working on for a personal concept. Any one you would prefer? The bottom left one is actually from Guild Wars 2.. used it for inspiration and checking my atmosphere and values. Any critiques/paintovers are very welcome! Especially had some trouble with the fire in the upper left, not sure if it turned out as it should have.

im confused what the concept of this is? will be a lot easier to give crit if we knew the ideas behind it, im not familiar with guild wars 2 if its from there :)
Gotcha, sorry never posted anything at this stage XD! The concept is actually supposed to be a path to an object (The Lycia Tree) through a forested area. The idea is that the "tree" isn't a tree at all but a man-made spire or likewise which houses some object of ancient knowledge. The top two concepts are the object up close in the midst of that forested area and the bottom right is an aerial view of the forest. Instead of the spire idea, the fortress there holds the object. The water surrounding the base of the fortress works to prevent entrance (maybe acidic or something like that), so the crystals on the cliff edge are the true gate in.

Not related to Guild Wars story wise, but wanted to show what I was aspiring for style wise.

Hope this helps and thanks again!
ok cool!
personally i would want to go extreme 3 point perspective (ie very low angle) such as the top right, but pushed a lot lower, or i would go with the aerial. The aerial gives a less imposing look, but may suggest the 'path' better- ie it shows he has a road ahead of him to travel rather than arriving.
At the moment, the top right is suggesting the 'tree' is just as tall as the canopy line, or thats my impression, which isnt that imposing (and is nothing like the height of the castle).
Personally i would go full out 3 point like in my quick thumb. Feel free to completely ignore it though! Keep working bro :)
I see what ya mean. I think I may end up working a portrait variation to it, but ended up with this for now.. Im pretty sure i botched it being 3 point here cuz eye level is way too high (wish I would have noticed earlier), but I suppose it still works?
i do exactly the same, i set up for 3 point but the horizon line steadily creeps up...
depends if you are happy with it not being 3 point- thats a genuine question. There are lots of great artworks out there with just simple 1/2 point perspective, and the composition works pretty well in your thumb. on the other hand, if you think 3 point will really help sell the size of the tree, then 10 mins now will save you endless slaving over it later.
basically my point is, if you arent happy with it at this stage, you wont ever be no matter how much rendering/colouring you do. if you are, crack on man!